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About This File

Unofficial 1.2.4 patch for Viper Racing that fixes numerous problems on modern systems

What's New in Version 1.2.4


  • Now has 95,000 polygon limit race track support.
  • Allows 20,000 vertex per object. As each car may have more than one object 100,000 polygon cars are now possible, but there is still a limit for total number of vertexes per track, car and AI cars. For instance, the game may crash when having 14 ai cars with 20,000 polygons each.
  • Spolier (carnameS.mod) now visible without having to manually edit the option.cfg file.
  • Mirror now visible in F1-F8 mode, if enabled.
  • Fixes AI "Reset"-option
  • Increased recordable replay-size (increase of the total time that can be saved (to 1 hour))
  • Increased amount of texture-files that can be simultaniously loaded (again)

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