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About This File

ZIP password is "pcgw" without quotes.


This software is provided "as is" without any warranties or guarantees. The author is not liable for any damages or issues caused by the use of this software.
Windows Defender might flag this as a keylogger, this is false. Well, factually this waits for keyinputs and acts on them, in the background. So technically windows defender is right. But this code is not malicious.
The sourcecode is attached in the ahk file, you can take a look at it and compile it yourself!
If this happens and windows keeps deleting the file you can disable the real-time protection, install as instructed below and then make an exception for the file.
More Infos on how to do this here:
https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security-811816c0-4dfd-af4a-47e4-301afe13b26#:~:text=Go to Start > Settings > Update,%2C file types%2C or process.

1. What is this?

This allows you to use mousewheel scrolling to zoom in / out and mousewheel click and drag to rotate the camera in Dungeon Keeper II


2. System requirements

Any potato. This was tested on Windows 10 but I'm pretty sure it runs on pretty much any Windows since 7, maybe even XP or 11.
Might also work on linux with the source code provided. No idea.


3. How do I install it?

1. Install the GOG Version of Dungeon Keeper II
2. Throw the DKII-MouseWheel.exe into the Dungeon Keeper II installation directory
3. Rightclick > Properties > Compatibility Tab > Run as Administrator
4. Always run DKII-MouseWheel.exe instead of the regular game exe. It starts with the game and quits afterwards

Running this as administrator is necessary because the DKII-DX.exe from the GOG version runs as admin by default and will not accept inputs from programs with lower permissions.

4. License Information

MIT or something, can't be bothered to look this up. You're free to redistribute, copy, share, edit this as you like. Who even cares?

5. Contact Information

Questions / Feedback / Problems / Wishes / Thanks?
Write to me at anonmailsgohere@gmail.com

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