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UniversalRT - Forza Horizon 5 Ray tracing - Any version, both platforms

About This File

This file is inspired by the ray tracing mod originally made here by Dictator.
This version however uses a different approach, not using pointers, and should work on all versions of the game, both on MS and Steam.
It has the same variables as Dictators mod, and yields the same results.

To use, just enable the green entry, then you can change the variables underneath.
If you get artifacting on the windows of your car in-game, make sure to change world car level of detail to ultra or above.

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Do you think you got it in you to take a look at Forza Horizon 5 once again? They posted Ray Tracing settings and the update is coming out just a couple days from now (Nov 8th). It's all good except they ONCE AGAIN limit something in Gameplay. If you return to make another Universal Unlocker that includes the following settings: BOUNCE LIMIT, SUPER RESOLUTION (above the full resolution, to antialiase the reflections) and this new AI CARS (or at least to see if it's possible) that would be amazing!

So these will be needed I assume:

1. Resolution setting that goes up to super resolution

2. Ray bounce number

3. AI car reflections toggle


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Unfortunately this one's now broken as well, at least for me. My game crashes as soon as I apply it (windows store version).

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