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Fixes & features:

  • Game runs on modern PC (Windows 10)
  • Game renders via OpenGL 1.1/3.0. If your GPU supports OpenGL 3.0 - game uses it. If no - game uses OpenGL 1.1
  • Removed CD check and game can run now without CD. 
  • Removed system restriction for 4 languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai)
  • When switching display modes (F12), the game does not crash now
  • When switching display into "Eagle Eye" (F6), the game does not crash now
  • Camera zoom is working now, not only for 320x240 mode (like on PS1), but for 640x480 too
  • Camera can follow by Kain movement like in PS1 version
  • Added feature to run and switch game into windowed mode
  • Added feature to switch on/off filtering
  • Corrected rendering speed for Nosgoth map and Kain's inventory menu
  • Added option to select game rendering speed / frame per second (FPS)
  • Added configuration window on startup, similar to Soul Reaver. To disable it - launch the game with command parameter "-noconfig"
  • Added FPS counter
  • Implemented subtitles engine
  • Implemented 3D sounds via OpenAL
  • Implemented XInput support with gamepad vibrations
  • Arrows keys are duplicated on WSAD keys
  • Intro movies and cutscenes are now played in progressive mode
  • Game can play stereo sound files for cutscenes
  • Added HQ Sound Patch - sound files from PS1 version. Thanks to NobelGas


Full version, containing updated cutscenes and audio, can be downloaded from this link: [DOWNLOAD HERE


Uploaders note: Due to recent events, the patch author Verok has taken down their download links to the fan patches. I have taken the liberty to reupload the latest versions (1.75) in order to preserve these patches for ease of access.

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Are the PS1 FMVs in lower quality or higher? It's hard to find the differences between these ports. Thanks for the reupload and detailed notes.

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