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URU Complete Chronicles Beta Patch 1.1.4

About This File

This is an official patch made by Cyan. Uploaded here to make it easier to find since this was only posted in a forum.

From (Via Wayback Machine): https://web.archive.org/web/20200215003845/https://forums.cyan.com/viewtopic.php?f=83&t=1587

As of December 29 2020, This is still newer than the gog and steam versions.

==Original Description==


NOTE: If you are running the Steam or GOG.com version of Uru:CC, you will either need to stop auto updates or copy the UruCC directory from the Steam or GOG.com library into a different directory (recommended).

Here is the contents of the readme.txt file:
This is a beta patch 1.1.4 for Uru: Complete Chronicles executables. Use at your own risk.

=== A quick glance what is in this patch ===
1) Version displayed in the title of the game window (if in windowed mode)
2) Win10 Cursor fix (from Adam Johnson and Joseph Davies)
3) HD resolution support (16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio resolutions).
4) DirectMusic disabled

=== Installing this patch ===
Before you start, be sure to back up your Uru directory. Theoretically, you should only need to back up UruExplore.exe and UruSetup.exe.
After unzipping the patch, copy the files into your Uru directory.
Then run UruSetup.exe or UruExplore.exe

=== More detail of the updates===
1) Version displayed in the title of the game window --
The version is now displayed in the game window title (when in windowed mode) and this patch should display "UruExplore 1.1.4 beta" The UruExplore.exe file Properties, Details should show the correct Product version and the File description more accurate.
2) Win10 Cursor fix --
This is the fix that was created by Adam Johnson and Joseph Davies that fixes the right-mouse camera pan in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. This fix will also work if you have UruExplore.exe in compatibility mode (such as WindowsXP - which fixes a reported crash in Teledahn)
3) HD resolution support --
In UruSetup.exe, under the Graphics tab, the resolutions selectable in Screen Resolutions should now include HD (ie. 16:9 and 16x10) resolutions. If the resolution is an HD resolution the aspect ratio will be displayed with the resolution. Such as "1280x720 (16:9)"
4) DirectMusic disabled --
Microsoft has long since deprecated DirectMusic. Uru: Complete Chronicles only uses it marginally and works fine without it. The reason for disabling DirectMusic is because in some system configurations it would cause crashes.

=== Known issues ===
1) For all scopes and telescope, the vignette or scope viewing screen does not cover the entire screen in HD resolutions.
2) UHD resolutions (21:9 and above) will not be supported... the camera system becomes too warped and is not playable.
3) In HD resolutions, when in first person, the sides of the game screen becomes warped or stretched. It is not as pronounced as UHD but is quite noticiable.


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