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Officially released v5.1.1 patch to address some issues and bring new features.

With the new version, more settings are available.

For the patch to install successfully, the .exe file must be run in Windows 95 compatibility.

What's New in Version 5.1.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Test Drive 5 v1.1 patch release notes


    1.  List of enhancements and fixes
    2.  Explanation of Settings.exe
    3.  Contact Tech Support

1. List of enhancements

The following is a list of game enhancements and fixes made with the installation
of the Test Drive 5 v1.1 patch:
     - Situation where AI cars do not race the same number of laps no longer occurs.
     - Support for MPact 3D cards (Gateway computers), Verite 1000L-P, Verite 2100, and
       Verite 2200 chipset based cards.
     - Time on Drag Strip race is now accurate.
     - Fogging added for video cards that support fogging.
     - Disappearing cars during replay no longer occurs.
     - Cup times for AI cars are more accurate.
     - Force feedback improved.
       Force feedback devices that use the I-force Force Feedback API are now supported,
           such as all Logitech Force Feedback devices.
     - Optimized for "3D Now!".
     - Environment mapping on D3D cards.
     - Transparency problems that occured with some video cards is fixed.
     - Added multiple monitor support.
     - Network lap bug (host # of laps vs. client # of laps) is now fixed.

2. Explanation of Settings.exe

With the installation of patch v1.1 you will get a file called Settings.exe in the Test
Drive 5 root directory.  The file can be launched and edited to fix various problems you
may encounter with your game.

      The following adjustments can be made to the way your game launches:

          Use Primary 3D card  - Check this box to use your primary video card instead of
                                 your secondary card.
      Use 3D card selector - Check this box if you have two 3D cards and your game is
                                 crashing at the start of the race.  Make sure to choose
                                 your secondary card.
      No Multimon Check    - Check this box if you do not want the game to check for
                                 two monitors.
      Disable primary test - Check this box to bypass all video choices and let the
                                 game choose for you.

      Disable              - Check this box if your game is crashing before reaching the
                                 game menus.
      Hardware accelerate  - Check this box to view the movie before you start.

      Disable 3 buffering  - Check this box if your game is crashing at the start of a
      Disable WBuffering   - Check this box if your game displays a mess of triangles.
      Disable MipMapping   - Check this box if textures appear where they shouldn't.
      Disable AGP          - Check this box if your textures appear wrong.  Do not use
                                 this if your video card IS an AGP card.
      Disable reflections  - Check this box if your car appears as an entirely black
      Use the weak, medium and strong settings to adjust the intensity of your force

3. Contacting Technical Support

                                Technical Support

You can ask for help with your Accolade game by reaching us by Phone, Fax,
Online and Mail:

PHONE:          Accolade can help you by phone between the following hours:
                Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm PST and
                Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm PST
                (408) 296-8400

INTERNET:       website - http://www.accolade.com
                email   - techelp@accolade.com

FAX:            Faxes may be sent anytime to:  (408) 246-0231

MAIL:            Accolade Tech Support
                 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd.
                 Suite 500
                 San Jose, CA 95129


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