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Official patch for Crashday (2006).


v 1.1:

crashday_patch (English / German)

crashday-patch_1_1it (Italian)

crashday11ru (Russian)

crashday_patch_pl (Polish)


Taken from: http://www.patches-scrolls.de/patch/1017/7/22302

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Fixed slow framerate bug on ATI Radeon 9500/9700
  • Improved gamepad detection support
  • Advanced support for analog axes on gamepads
  • Worked around a sound bug crash on SBLive sound cards (only used to occur with out-of-date drivers)
  • Fixed start-up problems related to a second window "Black"
  • Fixed bug related to weight of dynamic objects (way too heavy before)
  • Fixed replay problems: jiggering, damage, bomb, flag visibility
  • Fixed mirroring bug of dynamic objects in track editor display
  • Fixed language selection in multiplayer browser filter
  • Disconnected players are no more shown on radar or pointed to by target arrow
  • Wrecking or shooting disconnected players does not give any more points or damage
  • Disconnected players will no more score in Pass The Bomb
  • Players that disconnect while holding the flag will loose the flag
  • Improved synchronization of multiplayer missiles
  • Fixed crash in usermenu on simultaneous press of RETURN and X
  • Fixed multiplayer crash related to clients and spamming reconnect messages
  • Fixed multiplayer browser crash if a Finnish language-hosted game was listed
  • Fixed multiplayer lobby crash when user was typing chat message and host quits the game
  • Fixed crash bug coming up when deleting a track that is just being edited
  • Fixed crash bug when clicking "Select Car" on host machines with specific car or specific car classes
  • Fixed crash bug in Stunt Mode when driving close to track boundary
  • Fixed crash bug when deleting a custom car without selling it before
  • Fixed crash bugs related to selecting custom cars in multiplayer (which is still not supported, but which was possible to be exploited from host side and led to a crash)
  • Fixed rare crash bugs related to overwriting existing tracks, but not updating precalculated shadow information properly (occasionally could cause crashes in track editor test drive, multiplayer or replays)
  • Skidmarks added
  • Added brightness setting in graphics options
  • Game controller's coolie hat can be used to look left/right during driving
  • Show the car stats in the shop when a new car is unlocked but not yet purchased
  • Slightly increased view range in lowest graphics detail preset
  • Always use higher view range in minigames to avoid artifacts
  • Improved online cheat protection code
  • Prevented stunt mode cheating on arena stunts ("On top of the arena").
  • Fixed a situation in HoldTheFlag that flag fell below the track on relatively high ping times sometimes in multiplayer
  • Slightly lowered speed of person holding flag in Hold The Flag
  • Shader performance improvements
  • Replaced error with an unsupported graphics card by a more meaningful message
  • Known Remaining Issues
  • - Sound problems during races on SoundBlaster (Live) cards
  • -> install the latest drivers
  • - The application starts up with flickering videos
  • -> start the application with the "-skipvideo" parameter to skip the videos
  • - Graphics problems on some NVidia cards (flicker and artifacts on GF4 Ti4200 and GF3 Ti200 / no menu text on GF5900 and others)
  • -> to be fixed as soon as possible in next patch or with NVidia driver update (see below)
  • - Game crashes on accessing the multiplayer menus without being connected to the Internet (anymore)
  • -> to be fixed as soon as possible in next patch (see below). Try to avoid situation please
  • - Game crashes by navigating replays using a gamepad
  • -> to be fixed as soon as possible in next patch (see below). Try to avoid situation please
  • - Game randomly crashes in singleplayer and multiplayer races ('Illegal memory reference' or 'BlockStartFilePos == ftell( ReplayFP )')
  • -> to be fixed as soon as possible in next patch (see below)
  • - Very high ping times or only "????" is displayed in the multiplayer browser
  • -> leave the browser and re-enter

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