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About This File

Includes all versions of the patches available.


v 1.4:

nfsc_v1.4_en (English)

nfsc_v1.4_fr (French)

nfsc_v1.4_sp (Spanish)

nfsc_v1.4_it (Italian)

nfsc_v1.4_ge (German)

nfsc_v1.4_roe (Rest of Europe)


nfsc_ce_v1.4_us (US English)

nfsc_ce_v1.4_uk (UK English)

Collectors Edition


v 1.3:

nfsc_v1.3_us (US English)

nfsc_v1.3_uk (UK English)

nfsc_v1.3_fr (French)

nfsc_v1.3_sp (Spanish)

nfsc_v1.3_it (Italian)

nfsc_v1.3_ge (German)

nfsc_v1.3_ru (Russian)

nfsc_v1.3_roe (Rest of Europe)


nfsc_ce_v1.3_uk (UK English)

Collectors Edition


Taken from: http://largedownloads.ea.com/pub/patches/NFS/carbon/

What's New in Version 1.4


  • v 1.4:
  • VISTA SPECIFIC. NFS Carbon Crashes on bootup on Vista with the patch 1.3 installed due to an allocator mismatch between bware and renderware. Patch 1.4 fixes the Vista crash by fixing the mismatch.
  • VISTA SPECIFIC. NFS Carbon .viv (EA Link version) crashes upon bootup on Vista due to an incompatible version of the PACE DRM Tool. Patch 1.4 utilises an updated, Vista compatible PACE DRM Tool
  • v 1.3:
  • Addresses issue with the online authentication screen.
  • Allows for consistent use of EA Messenger.
  • Updates to address a leaderboard issue during Online Pursuit Tag.
  • Allows for full friend searching functionality.
  • Updates to address launching issues between XP and 2K.

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