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Rome II - sorry from Creative Assembly

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Creative Assembly:

First and foremost let me say that if even one person has a problem running the game we would want to fix it, this is why we’ve set up 24 hour support and if you post in the support forums you will get an answer or discover a solution that’s already posted for your issue.


I appreciate that it doesn’t help to know this if you are somebody having an issue, but the vast majority of people are running the game without problems. At the moment we are seeing 2% of people playing reporting a technical issue. Let me be clear, that is 2% too many and we will be helping them into the game and working very hard to make sure they get the best possible experience.

We went into some detail in a Port Report about how Rome II launched with a number of issues. Now, Creative Assembly have gone into full bug fixing mode and have created a number of forum threads of player-made fixes that people can apply whilst the game is being patched.


Creative Assembly - next time, why not link to our Rome II PCGamingWiki article? It's user-editable, can always be kept up to date, and it's far less cumbersome than having pages of links that only a CA staff member can edit.


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