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Recruiting editors for the PCGamingWiki blog

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    We are recruiting for the brand new role of Editor, of which we will recruit several. This small number of editors will have responsibility for making sure that the PCGamingWiki blog is kept up to date with at least one new article per day.



The PCGamingWiki blog cover general technical aspects of PC gaming, as well as unmissable sales and other interesting news. Generally we do not cover 'gameplay' or 'content' except to comment on technical aspects, e.g. framerate, FOV, etc.


Here are some examples of missed opportunities from the last few days that would have made ideal news content on our blog:


AR glasses Kickstarter, SteamDB update about Big Picture streaming, AMD Mantle, release of new AMD GPUs, Steam Controller demo, etc.


This blog allows us to keep up community engagement and retain new wiki editors. It is also high visibility, as the newest posts are displayed on the Home page.



Editor would be required to:

- Have good command of written English.

- Use the forum CMS and follow some basic formatting and style guidelines.

- Work with images, e.g. cropping headers to 600x300 size.

- Working with others, contribute to the goal of having x1 new article on the blog every day with decent writing skills.

- Be available to contact in real-time when working, preferably on IRC, Steam or Skype. This will be essential for making sure work is not duplicated.



Please send andytizer@pcgamingwiki.com links to previous online publication you have done (for others or for yourself), other online communities you participate in, and tell us a bit more about yourself (age, location, job, etc.). Moderators are encouraged to apply as well.


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