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Star Trek: Elite Force II - fov problem

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Since my aborted attempt to replay Elite Force (I've thrown it away since it obviously doesn't work any more) I've installed Elite Force 2 instead.

This is more stable, however I can't keep the FOV at 100, it resets back to 80 each time a new level or area loads (or quick load) which is incredibly annoying having to type "fov 100" in the console every time.


I tried setting: seta fov "100" in the cfg file, while this worked to begin with it still reset on level transition and then any further attempts to enter "fov 100" in the console wouldn't work, it's locked to 80.


Is there any way to bind the command to a key? at least then I could just hit F1 or whatever to change the FOV each time.

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Actually the FOV issue seems to be the least of my problems. The elevator on the Borg Sphere after Chang is taken doesn't move and weirdest of all the turning device in front of the captured Voyager has moved behind the ship and is rotating horizontally...with the rod behind the claw-like front of the device passing through the scenery, the window and Voyager.


This is as screwed up as Elite Force. Clearly both of these games fail to work on Windows 7 properly - and there doesn't seem to be A: any fixes and B: no one else having the same problem as me. Another old game I now have to throw away.

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Man, your issue with elite force was due to a broken installation. Windows 7 wasn't implied by no means


FoV resetting then, is a common id tech engine issue. It's simply reseted after every level. I'm quite sure somebody has even managed to fix that for at least one of the many games running this engine


btw try 1.01 patch

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