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New roles and responsibilities on the site


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I've realized that over time I may neglect some areas that need updating, and this is partly due to a new job I have which involves a very large amount of travelling. If we want the site to grow, we need all parts being actively cared for and kept up to date.


I would like to write up some new roles and responsibilities to give the PCGamingWiki community more ownership over specific areas of the site. I've begun by delineating areas of responsibilities on the new Staff list: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Staff.

I'm also going on holiday November 3rd - 14th on a cruise around the Med with some extended family. The likelihood is that I won't have access to internet unless I'm at a specific port in the EU, so I won't be around at that time. This has made me think that this would be a good time to delegate responsibility to the community to help keep things ticking over.


Some areas I have delegated already:

PR/review codes - Pridit

Twitter/Facebook - Pridit


I have begun a recruitment drive for new Editors to update our blog: http://community.pcgamingwiki.com/page/blog/_/announcements/recruiting-editors-for-the-pcgamingwiki-blog-r97


If there is an area that you would like to take responsibility for, or if you think a specific area is not cared for adequately, please let me know.

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I've added myself to the Humble Bundle Project and added links to the respective wiki pages for said projects.


I imagine Soeb would want to be listed as in charge of the Humble Bundle and Humble Store projects, but I'll let him add that as he sees fit.

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Just wanted to update about how I have left things from 3rd - 14th November. Here's the cover that people will be taking over this period:


Forums/blog - Pridit and Soeb have administrator access

Editor - Pendragon has been appointed as a news writer, hopefully we can get a couple of updates whilst I'm gone

Server - since Soeb will be gone 1st - 8th November, we've assigned LDK to be main contact for any server issues

PR and review codes - Pridit

Twitter and Facebook - Pridit

Projects - these should tick on as normal


Servers are fully paid for until I am back.


Don't break anything while I'm gone!

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