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Retrieve Config Data and Save Data location through the API


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I want to get the Config Data and Save Data locations for any given game through the API.


I've looked at the tables extensively, and the only thing related to this I've found, is the tags table which only holds boolean values, it doesn't give me an actual path.


So, is it possible to get this info? Or do I need to resort to web scraping?

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That data is currently not stored separately so you’ve to scrap the wikitext for the page and extract the particular section on your own.

1. Retrieve the page ID for a page based on its Steam AppID:

 https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/w/api.php?action=cargoquery&tables=Infobox_game&fields=Infobox_game._pageID%3DPageID%2CInfobox_game.Steam_AppID&where=Infobox_game.Steam_AppID HOLDS "1245620"&format=jsonfm

2. Retrieve the wikitext of the page with the aforementioned page ID:


3. And then use regex or such to extract the relevant paths you’re after.

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