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Sanity: Aiken's Artifact FOV


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So, I booted this game out of curiosity, it uses the LithTech 2.0 engine, the same version used by NOLF 1, I tried to put these engine commands that work in NOLF 1, in Sanity's config file (autoexec.cfg) to increase the game's FOV:

"fovx" "106"

"fovxinterface" "106"

"fovyuwmax" "124" (I use 16:9)

These commands have no effect at all, either during gameplay or cutscenes, and the Hor+ image is needed in some parts of the game. Can anyone make a FOV fix for this game?



With or without those FOV commands, the game in 4:3 is shown like this:



While in widescreen, the view is cut off (Vert-), but the hud stays correct:


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