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Project IGI needs a FOV fix.


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Hey guys.

I'm trying to play Project IGI on Windows 7 64 bit, but without Windows 98 or Millennium compatibility mode, you can't play in higher resolution than 1280x1024.
Without the Windows 98 / Me compatibility mode enabled, it is not possible to enter the graphics options and select the resolution.
Game just crashes into Windows.
Another option seems to be running the game through DgVoodoo 2 and theoretically you can choose even 4K resolution but there is another problem. Using the mouse in this game makes any gameplay impossible. Even the slowest movement of the mouse makes the character to turn 180 degrees.
I experimented deeper and on an older computer with Windows Vista 32 Bit the game works fine even with the Geforce 760 GTX card and you can choose the resolution 1920x1080 but the computer is connected to a monitor with a DVI connector and a maximum resolution of 1920x1080.
After connecting this computer to a 4K monitor via Display Port and starting the game, the resolution that was previously set to 1920x1080 was automatically restarted by the game to 640x480. Entering the graphics options again became impossible and the game crashes into Windows.
Another experiment. Installs Linux (Lubuntu) and Wine libraries. I run the game and on a DVI monitor I can choose the resolution of 1920x1080. Later, I reconnect this computer to the 4K monitor and the game resets the resolution to 640x480 and entering the graphics options causes the game to crash to the desktop.
After my experiments, I noticed that the game has a problem with Display Port monitors. It is not possible to access the graphic options. Higher resolution can only be obtained on a DVI monitor under the with 32 bit and maximum Windows Vista.
The problem would be solved by DG Voodoo but I do not know if it is only in my case, but the mouse, unfortunately, does not work properly and prevents the game.
I am not an expert in hacking games, so I decided to ask for a new fix here that would allow the game to run in 4K resolution.
Eh, it's a pity that the old WSGF forum collapsed. There was a guy called Jackfuste. He saved many old games that had problems with a system newer than Windows XP. Maybe he could also save Project IGI. Unfortunately, on this new forum WSGF on Discord is no longer active.



The mouse problem in DgVoodoo has been resolved. It looks like there may be ome problems when someone has Windows 7.
I checked on Windows 10 and there are no problems. The mouse is working properly.
So we just need a fix for the correct FOV display for widescreen resolutions to make the image hor + because changing the value in IGI.exe via the hex editor makes the image not stretched but is unfortunately vert-.

If someone has contact with a jackfuste user who was active on the old WSGF forum, maybe they could contact him. His programming ability is at a very high level so he could make a new widescreen fix.

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Mouse problem solved
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FOV Fix + FPS Fix, maybe a decent save system as well :P,  but at that point they might as well remaster the whole game tbh, I love it but it needs some technical attention to get it to modern standards

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