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Possible to get No One Lives Forever running with EAX on Windows 10?


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So I've been troubleshooting this game for a while now, trying different mss32.dll fixes for other games, like the following:

Starlancer-Dsound-fix - General - PCGamingWiki PCGW Community

GTAGarage.com » EAX Alchemy Fix

... but it seems like the specific mss32.dll that's used for the game needs to be rewritten, unless I finally find a fixed version that's the same.

For reference I'm running the NOLF revival version which means no registry entries, I can't try something like Creative ALchemy pointing to the registry since there aren't any entries.

I've even tried replacing the Miles Sound System libraries with the same version as the one for GTA III (which is v6.1a) in combination with the fix, but the DSOAL log file reads no EAX or DS3D calls.


Is someone able to rewrite the mss32 file that's used for NOLF, or has anyone found another way to get it to work?

See the attached file which is the one from the game.

Thank you for your time.


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@mr. cat

You did find a solution ?

im so far now , i have use the Star Lancer Dsound Fix , with this i can use DSOAL + HRFT , but it is still not full Surround Sound , i sounds a bit like Surround , but just a bit , til no No Sound Glitches , with the GTA Alchemy Fix it cause some Sound Glitches

Not so like Shogo Mobile Armor Division. !

https://www.moddb.com/games/shogo-mobile-armor-division/downloads/shogo-unzipped-source-code 😀



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It's been a long time, but my conclusion is that, sure, the game uses Miles sound libraries which has support for different kinds of 3D audio, like EAX - but that doesn't mean the game that's using those libraries has any of that mixed and programmed for.

I think that's the case for NOLF - it's just using the libraries, not any 3D audio.

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