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Main Page Layout Suggestion


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Compared to the previous main page layout, I like what we're doing with it, but I think it's too tall.


I think as it exists now the main page encourages too much scrolling. There are just too many panes displaying info.


Mentally rearranging what we currently have, I made something that cuts down on the size a bit. Once the Kickstarter is over, we could move the "Did you Know" and "Social" panes into the same size and location of the then empty kickstarter pane, and remove either the "Recently edited pages" or "Recent changes" panes, as they serve mostly the same purpose (I'd personally say remove recent changes as the other has the nice column layout.)


Just a thought.

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Thanks for the feedback. hungry_eyes is doing some general concept work for the home page - the main barrier to implementing this is having a good css person to help with coding it. I'd also love to find ways to add new features, such as Top 10 Steam games.


The 'social' and 'did you know' sections are both kind of filler and repetitions of other areas, and I would go one step further and say they can be removed in the next redesign.


The Kickstarter I am quite proud of. I'd like to keep it on as a badge of honour like they do on FTL's website: http://www.ftlgame.com/


The 'recent changes' box - this has been on the front page since the beginning pretty much, and it would be a bit weird to see it go. But I'm happy to open it up to opinions from other people. Maybe we can open it up to a poll in the future.

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If we want to keep the kickstarter I'd suggest we create our own box and design because the kickstarter widget is such an odd shape it just doesn't work with the "box based" layout.

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