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I'm having issues with Silent Hill 3 on PC, even without mods installed installed. For whatever reason, certain areas of the game just crash due to what seems like graphical errors. Earlier on in the game it was in fairly easy to avoid parts, like a corner of the alternate cafe where Heather gets the steel pipe, or a part of the rooftop boss battle. But now it's occurring in Leonard's boss room, which, for obvious reasons, cannot be worked around as easily as the previous 2 instances. As such I'm at a loss about what might be going on here and am hoping for some tips from someone who might know about this stuff more than I do. At the moment I am trying to run the game with the Steam006, SH3PC Sound Fixer and WSMSH3 mods, but the issue occurs regardless of their installation. 


Attached here is my settings for the Silent_Hill_3_PC_fix.ini file for the Steam006 mod, though as mentioned earlier this issue occurs even in a fresh installation of the game. I noticed there was a log generation option in the settings file, but I don't know how to actually get the logs to save. Maybe they might help pinpoint the cause of the crash. 


Here is a link to what the visual crashes look like. As you can see I am using a Windows VM on OSX; this shouldn't be an issue as other people seem to be able to play this game just fine using this method. 

Any information anyone might be able to give would be greatly appreciated

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Other people seem to have no issue running it on a just as unoptimal if not worse (hardware wise) setup, so it definitely is possible. I’m just not sure how. I was also able to play the full SH2EE without a single glitch or issue, and though SH3 is obviously a much more resource demanding game, the difference shouldn’t be big enough that I can run one heavily modded but not the other stock. Scratch that, I can run it, not just stock but with widescreen mods and all. It’s just that handful of specific areas in the game that crash, for reasons I’m not really sure of. 

Funnily enough that second reddit post is by myself. Wasn’t able to find answers there so I tried here since there is the page on mods for the game and all. I may try my luck on the Silent Hill forum. Thanks for that. 

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