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Pre-Steam Metal Slug ports

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When I was searching for Rockman X7 Korean PC version on eBay, I noticed the seller also sold Korean versions of Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 4, and a compilation of 3, 4, and 5.  I also came across a Japanese version of Metal Slug 5 for PC.  I can't seem to find anything about a Metal Slug 1 or 2 PC versions, but I did find another Korean Metal Slug 3 game, though this looks a bit dodgy compared to the others.  Now my question here is, for those of you who own these games, are they different enough from the Steam re-releases of the past decade?  Or are these all emulated versions?  Are they worth documenting on the Wiki?  Not even Korean Wikipedia seems to have any info about these PC versions.  The Wikipedia Article for 5 seems to imply that it was released worldwide for PC in 2004, but I only found a Japanese copy.

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Ah sorry for the late reply.  I looked carefully at the boxart of Metal Slug X and I noticed the text "REPROGRAMMED MEGA ENTERPRISE 2001".  Mega Enterprise refers to the Korean publisher of the Metal Slug games, and who later bought out SNK when they went bankrupt.  "Reprogrammed" is interesting because I've seen that used in the Genesis ports of Ghouls N Ghosts, Strider, and Truxton, which meant that Sega ported the game themselves.  So perhaps Metal Slug X is an actual port of the game and not an emulation?

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