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PCGamingWiki 'Assignments': Over 400 free PC games provided and fix articles completed - in need of new volunteers


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The goal of PCGamingWiki is to fix PC gaming. Did you ever have a game that just wouldn’t run? Spent days looking for fixes, only to find abandoned forum posts with nothing more than “nevermind, fixed it”? Our aim is to make that a thing of the past.

One of our newest and most ambitious goals is to cover every single major PC game on the day of release. To do this, we have developed an Assignments system to distribute review codes to volunteers who complete our wiki fix articles.

However, many review codes are still unclaimed and we need help - we are looking for more volunteers to dedicate their time to help complete our wiki fix articles, and in return receive the reward of the games themselves. You can see the full Assignments table for all future and past games too.

We have assigned 413 games so far, and the count increases every day. Our assignments have led to the creation of ultra-widescreen mods for games like Heavy Rain, World War Z, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and FOV fixes for games like Team Sonic Racing and The Sinking City.

If you would like to help, we would love to hear from you! Don't know much about wiki editing or testing PC games? Don't worry. You can join our Discord (#articles channel) and ask for feedback and help, as our community would be more than happy to assist.

To apply for an Assignment, read the general information page and please apply for any outstanding Assignments or other games you are interested in.

Where do our review codes come from?

We try to reach out to every games publisher of every notable PC game to ask for review codes. Many publishers include us on their lists, but sadly we are often ignored or rejected because we are too small or we don't produce 'real reviews'. However, we would argue that our wiki fix articles are a very valuable service for PC gamers.

In situations where we can't get review codes from the publisher, we will buy them out of pocket using our funds (primarily from donations and Patreon funds). We are also lucky to be in partnership with GOG.com who will step in to provide game keys, and Gamesplanet who provide account funds to help us make purchases.

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