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PCGamingWiki meme contest and voting


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So we've discussed some marketing ideas in another thread and we've explored a few of the options which have proven very successful.


Nicereddy made the suggestion of posting up a meme to help promote the site. This is especially important as the Steam sales are coming in the next 3 weeks (details from 2012 here) and I hope to get the word out about our project and hopefully attract new blood and new editors.


I've been experimenting with creating a PCGamingWiki meme on livememe. Would love to see our community create new memes and text based on this (scroll to the bottom, click 'Add Captions'), or you can make a new meme based on a new image.


Edit: I have discovered that quickmeme have been banned from reddit for vote manipulation, so I've changed the links to use livememe.com instead of quickmeme. However I do find the quickmeme generator a bit easier to use - you can use the PCGamingWiki meme on quickmeme and we can reupload the complete to imgur in order to get on reddit.


Maybe after we have collated a few, we can do a vote on which is the best, and where we should post them to to get the most exposure. My main target is reddit's /r/gaming but it could also apply to other image boards too, although I am not familiar on the rules on /v/ etc. Some details on the meme rules on reddit's /r/gaming.


Some examples I created:




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Well we ended up going with something along the lines of hungry_eyes' suggestion here:




The post was extremely successful, nearly hitting the top 25 of /r/all before it was 4 hours old. However I made a crucial error in replying to this post and linking to the reddit thread, which constitutes 'vote manipulation' and then the post was removed by the mods around hour 4. Please remember to be very careful around posting links to individual threads on reddit that support PCGamingWiki, as this may be cause for them to be removed.


I also received this message from an /r/gaming mod: "in addition to the amount of downvotes on basically all of the slightly negative comments in the thread makes us suspect vote manipulation." Please consider the official line on rediquette "Vote. If you think something contributes to conversation, upvote it. If you think it does not contribute to the subreddit it is posted in or is off-topic in a particular community, downvote it." If you happen to come across PCGamingWiki being mentioned in a thread negatively, please don't automatically downvote it unless it does not contribute to the conversation.

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