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Faulty DVI-I Causing PC To Not Shutdown?

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Edit: It was the motherboard, I replaced it, now everything works. The DVI thing I was testing was some weird side effect. If your PC doesn't shut down correctly don't wait, replace the motherboard and the power supply if you can. I sadly lost two weeks of my life doing nothing at all, do it as early as you can. I mean I literally did it the day I saw issues were popping up, and it still took two weeks.

Did this ever happen to anyone else? Just to make sure I'll test my GTX 650 Ti on the system tomorrow. I've narrowed it down to this port though, I've gotten consistent results and I think I should RMA the card (R9 380 4GB).

I'll try resetting the BIOS too as, it's freezing for some reason when I Discard Changes and Exit. (???)

I don't know what the hell is going on... I noticed that one of the cables from my speakers was slightly out, but I really don't think that's the main cause. Could have caused some problems however though, ugh. .

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I think the Motherboard is dead, I unplugged everything and replugged everything twice and it won't do anything, just a red LED. I tried to use a PSU that worked perfectly fine from another PC and still stuck on the red LED.


I asked Amazon to send me a replacement, I'll post back if it fixed the issue. But anyway before I had unplugged everything I had to do something really weird in order to turn it off.


1. Tell Windows to turn off.

2. PC Fans still on, Graphics card still on, front case LED on.

3. Try to hold power button but nothing happens.

4. Unplug the VGA cable with the DVI-I adapter from the graphics card.

5. Hold power button and it turns off.


That or just, skip step 3 and turn it off directly from the PSU by using the power switch itself.


Sometimes when I would end up changing something in the BIOS, when I would then go to Discard Changes and Restart option or whatever it was the BIOS froze.


Maybe instead of a replacement I should get a refund and buy a better Motherboard, if the new motherboard dies, I'm never going to get anything from MSI ever again.


Also checked the VGA, power cables and they are fine. I could test the modular PSU on my other PC, but it's too risky, I'll just send both, I'm afraid that the CPU cable which I got might actually be faulty either way.


I think the MOBO had enough of my bullshit and it just killed itself as I was trying to troubleshoot the problem, it actually made my life easier. Kinda funny if anything.

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The RAM and the CPU are probably fine, but if I'll end up having any trouble with them I'll just send those back too and ask for replacements. The temperatures were fine from what I've seen, for the CPU, and everything overall. I think I just got really unlucky with the motherboard but I'll have to see. I think the other parts are fine though. I don't have another motherboard that supports DDR4 and my CPU so I can't sadly test those parts.

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If anyone needs an answer to this.


Motherboard was dead. I changed my PSU just in case, although I tested another PSU and the PC didn't boot any longer, so the PSU was most likely fine. All other parts are perfectly fine, I setup the new motherboard and the system is up and running. Old PSU and new PSU were fine, but if you can replace it, give it a shot, although if you get really unlucky like me, you might end up with a bad replacement, so be wary of that.

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