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Expanding the Files database coverage


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Just a random thought I had earlier on: should we have a section in the Files database for developer-related downloads? We already have some downloads of that nature (SDKs and whatnot), but I think we should separate them from consumer-level tools and fixes.


An idea of the layout:

  • Developer content
    • General (a catch-all for anything that doesn't fit the existing categories)
    • Documentation (official modding/SDK documents)
    • Example code (example projects and code. Can be either official or community created)
    • SDKs (official mod development kits and tools)
    • Source code (legal source code releases of games)
    • Tools (community created mod utilities)
    • Tutorials (guides provided by the community to assist with mod development)

It should be noted that the section is only for content not in active development (ex. tool is not on GitHub or other source control site, hard to find).

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I don't see how documentation, example code and tutorials would fit into the files section. I feel as if most tutorials would be half assed anyway. Most people can't really write their own documentation in an easy to follow way, at least through the wiki articles I can make things clearer.


Most of these would fit in way better under services similar to GitHub, although I'm not a fan of sharing my own source code to everyone.


The only things which I can see working are modding tools and that's about it. Although I honestly doubt most people use PCGW as a way of developing or providing modding tools and whatever else. That's something you only do if you are really passionate about this stuff, otherwise, I see this heavily being unused.


The wiki was never really built with the developers in mind, I'm not sure if the files section is too apt, there's some other issues to consider, but, meh, I can't think of a better implementation.


I think it would just get a bit too wonky.


I'm not against the idea, I already wanted something similar, but I'm not sure what's the best approach. Existing files could be separated and categorized if you really feel like doing that.


In my mind it feels like something important is missing, but I'm not sure what it is.


I think games having their own separate categories would help a little bit. Something like that. http://i.imgur.com/Ja7XlaN.png Otherwise, anything else other than a bunch of tools (along with their source code potentially) wouldn't probably work too well.

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