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I think the VR table is due for an update. With a lot of new tech coming out by major players, the current configuration is very much lacking and outdated.


Devices that need to be removed:

  • Creative Senz3D: As far as I can tell, the webcam supports 4 games total (3 of which are not even worth mentioning). It's dead in the water.
  • Leap Motion Controller: I'm hesitant on placing this controller here, as it does have a somewhat active app community. However, there's practically no games (aside from ones on their app store) that even support the device.
  • Novint Falcon: As far as I can tell, the Falcon is also dead in the water. At time of writing, I can't access the developer's website (appears to be down).
  • Razer Hydra: Hasn't been supported in years and there are devices in the works by Oculus and Valve/HTC to fill in Hydra's position.

Devices that need to be added:

  • Valve/HTC Vive
  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Oculus Rift's controller (when released)
  • Vive's controller (when released)

That's all the major tech off the top of my head. Should we go through with it?

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