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Adding a new game that isn't on the wiki

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Just type the full name of the game into the search bar (be sure to use correct capitalization), and the wiki will give you an option to create the page. Click on that link, and enter your wikitext.

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I believe you have to have a set number of edits before you're able to create a new page. This is just to combat spam, sorry about the inconvenience. If you can tell us the name of the game you want a page for, I can make a quick empty page for you to fill in.

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You need to make at least 3 edits to existing articles and wait 6 hours before being able to create new articles. Like Nicereddy said, this is an anti-spam measure.


We have a small guide providing the details.


On a related note, if you have not looked at it yet, the Sample Article is a good place to start regarding the layout/format of a page.

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