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Need guidance for new graphics card

OpTiMuS 007

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My rig : i5 4560 3.1 ghz

             4 gb ram 

             nvidia gt 610 2gb


I am thinking to buy a new graphics card. But I am confused which one to buy from amd and nvidia . My budget is rupees 15000 . I thought I would buy evga gtx 760 2gb but can it play games such as watch dogs , assasins creed , gta 5 at ultra settings ?


IF necessary i will increase the ram to 8 gb.


Please reply ASAP!






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First of all you posted this in the wrong section.


Back to topic, there's no way we can know how AC: unity and GTA:V are going to perform (given they are not out yet)

Watch dogs on the other hand is out, but it's a real biased example (benchmarks here anyway)


For a real comparison see these

If I had to prefer a company, I would go with AMD. Just because they are not trying to own the world with closed technologies.

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Well, like Mirth said, we have no idea how the newer games you mentioned will perform. We could not give you an accurate suggestion on a proper video card.


That being said, I would highly recommend upgrading to 8 GB of RAM. It's considered the standard amount now and would give an overall boost regardless of video card choice.


The general consensus (as far as I can tell) is that Nvidia is pricey but stable, and AMD is cheaper but iffy with certain games (ex. any id Tech 5 game runs horribly on AMD). Keep in mind that this is a vast over-simplification of the differences. Ultimately, you will need to do the research to determine what works for you.


Personally, I would go with AMD.


(For those wondering, 15,000 rupees = ~$245 USD)

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Personally, the only games that have ever overflowed my ram have been the evolve alpha and nba2k15 (that I had to run in 720p)

Besides these, I don't know others that could exceed 2.5GB of RAM used..


But if you really want to be prepared for everything... 5GB should be enough I think (considering DDR3 ram is usually sold in even number, 6GB then)

And keep in mind this is only the "minimum" for a selected number of unoptimized games


Besides, I tried RAGE an year ago (thanks steam free weekends) and I only had to use 64bit version to make disappear every texture streaming problem (ati 5770)

Those problems have been definitively addressed with driver updates, imo

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