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Console commands and subpages


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I had a vision for 1 page per game, covering every single fix. However, I have come to realise that there are some very in-depth information which will clog up main article pages too much. This information might include comprehensive lists of console commands, cvars, graphics configuration settings etc.


For example, here is a list of Crysis 3 cvars and console commands, which is enormous: http://www.gamefront.com/crysis-3-pc-de ... -commands/


There is potentially useful information which could warrant its own page, on a case by case basis. I am also considering making subpages for tweaks such as 'ultra' settings, etc.


A title might be:

Crysis 3 (console commands)

Crysis 3/Console commands - this is a subpage, but might look a bit ugly as a title

Crysis 3 (graphics settings)


The Crysis 3 (console commands) page might contain a huge list of commands, but the main Crysis 3 article would also contain the commands relevant to 'standard' settings such as windowed mode, FOV, etc. so that wouldn't be affected.


Any thoughts?

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