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Found 1 result

  1. PC gaming has had its ups and downs and has seen constantly evolving threats over the years. In the early days of PC gaming, piracy was a major concern that represented an existential threat to PC gaming, driving game developers to release on locked down consoles or create complex DRM or activation systems. Later, we had more extreme and frustrating forms of DRM like SecuROM and Games for Windows Live, as well as very poor console ports which made it seem like the PC release was an afterthought. However I believe that since around 2004 - the last 15 years represent a golden age in PC gaming. This includes the rise of Steam and digital distrubtion, the MMO and the MOBA, and creative games like Minecraft and the peak of the Battle Royale genre which all started out on PC. The way we PC game has remained fundamentally the same this entire time - we build our PCs with motherboards, processors, keyboards and mice, and installed one of the many operating systems. Maybe we experimented with new controller types - a flightstick, an Xbox 360 controller or maybe we immersed ourselves in VR. At one point we bought games using floppy disks or DVDs, these days we buy keys and add games to our Steam accounts. However it seems that at the end of 2019, we are entering a new turning point: the rise of the cloud streamed game, which threatens this entire way we've been playing games on PC. We have all seen this before with OnLive back in 2010 which didn't garner much interest and was a resolute failure. And there's also PlayStation Now which doesn't really have as much interest as you'd expect with Sony backing it. But the latest effort with Google Stadia is fundamentally different because there is so much more momentum behind it from publishers and developers, and the technology and broadband speeds are there to make it viable for much more people now where it wasn't viable in 2010. When I watched the Google Stadia announcement stream I had a lump in my throat - is this the beginning of the end for PC gaming (and PCGamingWiki?) After all, if games are all streamed, then there's be nothing to fix, right? This new streaming platform, and others like them, are completely hardware agnostic - Google Stadia can be played just as well on a smartphone or on a high-end PC. If it's successful and becomes mass market, it'll mean developers will shun the PC in favour of Google Stadia, which means that PC gaming may decline and this could be the end of what we know as PC gaming. And yes, we can play Google Stadia games on a PC, but is it PC gaming as we have known it for all these years? And it Google Stadia fails, will xCloud be there to pickup the reins, is streaming technology going to inevitably make PC gaming obsolete? What do you guys think?
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