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Found 2 results

  1. 2,012 downloads

    The patch is available in the following languages: English (EN) German (DE) It is recommended to install this patch after updating the game to version 112100 / retail patch. It fixes the following problems: Application will not start. It exits as soon as it is run with no errors or warnings. Application will not detect or display the Direct3D video driver as a valid video option at startup. Joystick buttons cannot be bounded. In addition to the main retail patch we have also issued a smaller code-only patch that deals with some specific issues.
  2. Version 112100


    Hardware issues: Unreliable AMD specific chipset extensions removed Sound system optimizations for lower spec machines "Popping" sound system issues resolved when pausing or quicksaving Menu/Interface issues: Fixed Mouse Sensitivity Slider not having proper 10 slot spacing. Quicksaving system revised to be less intrusive Gameplay issues: Training maps expanded to include Hazard course Promenade and Ops "Close Up" camera system improved M01_Worfl1 / Grigari play balancing "Hand to Ledge" alignment issues resolved Game speed adjusted to normal at game start Fixed bug where cardassian wall turrets shut down and don't fire at you unless player is looking at them. Fixes phaser auto modulating in training map Reduced SubSpaceMine explosion momentum All drums that cause damage can be auto targeted. It's now possible for the player to exit the left-hand area behind utility door in M03_KiraL1b Kira can no longer get the level one science card without turning off the cameras or setting the alarm off. You now have to complete all objectives to be able to complete M07_KiraL2 Fixed Cardassians that run away as soon as they beam into CM04/Lab It's no longer possible to complete M06_SiskoL1b without obtaining the Orb Plasma Thrower fixed so it can be fired if it's got 20 units of ammo left in it Fixed JemHadar that beams in after the gear navigation puzzle & triggers alarm, player can no longer get stuck behind force field. M10_AnyCharacter there are no Weapon / ammo pickups available in M10_* Combadge no longer chirps when a PlaySpeech is triggered due to conditions not being satisfied Fixed M07_WorfL1 where the big lift in the floor can be activated by stepping on it, then Worf is free to jump off it as it descends & player gets stuck. Turrets now trigger alarms when PawnAI's ask for help. Cosmetic issues: Lighting, textures and audio improved in Training maps Dying and falling off ledge no longer leaves player in mid-air Player no longer continues talking if mid-hail and dead Fixed the bug where you can run out of the communication blocked zone and get the messages messed up. Fixed Batleth showing ammo in Training Mission Fixed bad corpse alignment in some levels. Modified the way some elements are drawn for the framed text that appears - like pause - to fix some alignment errors. Fixed M10_WorfL1a Bridge wall that was not solid M03_KiraL1B, can no longer get stuck between wall and building Can no longer get stuck on top of turbolift in M01_SiskoL1B Sisko can't get stuck behinf box in M11_SiskoL1B anymore Sisko can't get trapped in pit in M11_SiskoL1B anymore Player can no longer get stuck in M03_KiraL1B in the courtyard just before the drill machine M04_WorfL1b, the player is no longer instantly killed if he / she jumps while the elevator at the spawn point is descending Fixed BSP hole during final cinematic in M11_WorfL1 M10_KiraL1b, Kira can no longer get stuck on the rooftops Fixed barrel in front of one of the consoles near the start, and the player is standing on that console, screen going black Fixed invisible collision obstacle at the end of M05_WorfL1 Fixed BSP hole at the beginning of M05_SiskoL2 O'Brien no longer abruptly stands up (even though he's supposed to be injured) in M05_KiraL1 Player can no longer get stuck in turbolift in M01_SiskoL1a. Animation for Grigari Sentry Drone getting hit by phaser improved. Can no longer see Zone Portal texture through window on bridge in M01_SiskoL1a/b Fixed Denorios Belt skybox looking faceted in M01 cinematic Fixed Grigari Shock Trooper eye halo effect getting detached from head. Can no longer see square boxes around fires on Obanak's hands Fixed M07_WorfL3 BSP hole that makes Worf's mesh disappear in the cell block Fixed some JemHadar scaning in Tricorder as "UNDEFINED" Fixed camera glitch in cinematic where Grigari Vessel attacks Defiant. Can no longer get stuck at bottom of exhaust port in M10_WorfL1b
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