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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.0


    Grandia II HQ Music Mod What is this? This is a mod that replaces up to around 130 files in the "Grandia II Anniversary Edition\data\sound" directory with much higher quality 44.1khz 500Kbs .OGG versions taken from Lossless Rips of the OST. With a few special exceptions. I'm currently looking into using higher quality files from the OG PC port(high bitrate .wav but mono, no looping) or PS2 port(Stereo, mid bitrate ADPCM) for the remaining songs. They are still 22khz though. (2017 Edit. I gave up on sourcing the rest of the files. I simply lost the drive to go on due to health issues.)
  2. Version 0.8


    leandroeidi's HD Mod (Version 0.8 - Updated 29/jan/16) Current version: 0.8 (29/jan/2016) In the link below I wrote some things about the mod (that's also in the README file inside the zip) and some images comparing the game with the original textures and with my textures. http://www.eivigames.com.br/p/grandia-ii.html -- How to install-- 1 - Make a backup of your "[Grandia 2 root folder]\data\afs" folder. This mod will overwrite many files in there and you should keep a backup to make it possible to undo everything. 2 - Copy the "data" folder inside this zip to your Grandia 2
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