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About This File

leandroeidi's HD Mod (Version 0.8 - Updated 29/jan/16)


Current version: 0.8 (29/jan/2016)


In the link below I wrote some things about the mod (that's also in the README file inside the zip) and some images comparing the game with the original textures and with my textures.



-- How to install--


1 - Make a backup of your "[Grandia 2 root folder]\data\afs" folder. This mod will overwrite many files in there and you should keep a backup to make it possible to undo everything.

2 - Copy the "data" folder inside this zip to your Grandia 2 folder. E.g.: "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grandia II Anniversary Edition".



-- Things to keep in mind --


- This is a work in progress, so lots of things are still unchanged.

- If this mod makes your game crash or cause other graphical glitches, please let me know.

- I put jpg files that show what each dds file changes, so you can choose which ones to use if you don't want to use all of them.

- All the changed textures are basically 4 times bigger (e.g.: 256x256 to 512x512) so I don't know how this changed minimum and recommended PC settings.

- I try to find fonts that closely resemble the original ones, but they're not the same.

- The main font of the game, used for many UI stuff and even speech text, is a whole different beast to tame. I don't think I have enough skills to change it, but I'll keep trying.

- I'm not an artist, so some things may look strange while other things I'll never even change, but I try my best.



-- Contributors --


Below are other people that helped with some of the assets in this mod


> jblackan (from the Steam forums)

- HP, MP, SP texts, AI icons

What's New in Version 0.8   See changelog


  • 0.8
  • - Enemy icons used in COM/ACT bar.
  • - Remade golden window border.
  • - Silver window and location window borders.
  • - Character portraits used during battles (in the status/HP/SP/MP window while choosing commands and in the screen that shows exp/gold gotten from the battle).
  • - Bell icon that indicates chances of enemies dropping items, and all icons with coins shown in the screen after the battle.
  • - Boom and Ice spells icons remade to be more like the original ones.
  • 0.7
  • - Finished all items icons.
  • - Status effects icons.
  • - Small character icons used on COM/ACT bar and in the status menu.
  • - World Maps when choosing locations.

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