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Found 2 results

  1. 916 downloads

    Introduction: This is a massive update to Codename Eagle. It updates both the US and Euro versions of the game, unifying them and making Internet play easier and more convenient through Gamespy support. It also provides a new set of multiplayer features, adding to the already revolutionary arsenal of vehicles, weapons and tools found in Codename Eagle today. However, many of the new features apply to single-player games aswell, so re-playing the s/p Codename Eagle should offer some new exciting situations. New keys: Toggle weapon - also 'switch turret' in bomber and destroyer F12 - console PrintScreen - grab screenshot Pitch Down/Up - also 'ascend/descend' for zeppelin Jump - also 'drop bombs' for zeppelin Major new features: Destroyers - These huge warships will take one captain/front gunner, and one rear gunner... plus as many people as you can fit onto the deck. War Zeppelins- That's right... stuff your whole team in a zeppelin and roam the skies, raining bombs and bullets over enemy bases. Test teams really fell in love with this one. Parachutes -Finally you are able to parachute in over enemy territory and fight it out true commando style. The parachute (needless to say) often comes in handy when your plane goes down. Just remember to bring it with you. Bomber turrets - Bombers now take two players, one pilot (dropping bombs) and one rear gunner in a rotating turret, B17 style... You can also switch between positions if you pilot the plane by yourself. Boat turrets - The armoured boats are twice as fast and have machinegun turrets. Essentially armoured cars of the seas (and important anti-aircraft support for destroyers). Artillery - These static grenade launchers fire three screaming shells at once, painting black stripes in the sky. Keep out of range ! Vehicle skins and various graphical fixes New textures added for Russian fighter, Allied bomber and Allied armoured car. The game has also been overseen and polished here and there. Maps - The existing maps have been modified to make good use of the new features. We also added one new huge battle arena, Fever Valley. New console/server/other functionality: Save your console settings The root directory holds a file called "default.cfg", in which you can type all your preferred console settings, like view distance, field of view and mouse sensitivity (this is already possible in the US retail version). Chat log - All chat communication visible to your team is saved in the text file "chat.log" in the root directory. When the file reaches a size of 256 KB, it is cleared and starts over. New console button: F12 - The console button has been moved to F12. Alt-S was potentially annoying because S is the default key for moving backwards, and so bringing up the console would make some players move back. New Screenshot button: PrintScreen - The screenshot key (formerly F12) now resides at the more logical 'PrintScreen' key. Complete list of console commands: All of these commands can be executed from either the console or 'default.cfg'. mousesens - mouse sensitivity (1-20) viewdist - view distance (100-2000) fov - field of view (100-500) fr on - frame rate display on fr off - frame rate display off connect - connect to tcp/ip host (ip) latency - force delayed packets (0-8) ping - displays ping nettest on - info on the connection, packet loss in percent nettest off - disables nettest scorelimit - ends game when reaching limit fraglimit timelimit map - changes map (map name) nextmap on - cycles through maps after game ends nextmap off - stops nextmap cycle Various fixes: Point-source earthquakes - The ground shakes violently from explosions. This feature really makes tank battles infernal. The intensity of the quake takes explosion size and distance into account, which serves as a warning to low-sniffing bombers; if you feel the vibration - it's time to pull up !! Plane finetuning - Better mouse control for planes added. The mouse is much more sensitive when in flight, which makes it much easier to manouver with a mouse. We still recommend using the default key config or a joystick, though. The fighter is now a fighter/dive bomber. It releases a tight cluster of three bombs, and must wait for a short while before releasing more bombs. This has worked better than well in testing; it gives the fighter a more aggressive feel. Both fighters and bombers now have less armour. This allows for more exciting dogfights, as planes actually oppose a real threat to one another. Since the bomber has a belly turret, it is more deadly (aswell as more vulnerable) to the fighter. Planes will not explode from bullets, but start spinning and diving, giving the pilot time to bail out (explosives will still blow them up though). Name range - Snipers were quite vulnerable earlier, because their name tags betrayed their position over vast distances. This was also irritating when attempting various types of sneak attacks. Names of enemy players are now visible over only a short distance, while the names of teammates are visible for an infinite range (just like before). Skydiving - Try this one out yourself. Get into a plane, fly really high up, switch to third person view (F9) and jump out, ignoring silly parachutes... Water damage -A problem occurs when people parachute far out at sea and are forced to spend the rest of the game swimming towards the shore. Not very entertaining; so now water will kill you in approximately 30 seconds. This is an experimental feature and we'd love some feedback in the matter. Gas-weapon - The gas-weapon is now really effective. Fences - Bullets will now penetrate fences. Known Issues: Old single player save-games will NOT function after installing this update. Naturally, future save games are not affected.
  2. 779 downloads

    This hotfix fixes the crash that occurs when trying to load a first level after installing Patch 1.33.
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