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  1. It's a really weird game. I get almost flawless performance and next to no texture pop in, yet some people with practically identical specs get horrible issues.
  2. Disappointing news about the m+kb controls still being poor. I've been trying to get into the first Dark Souls but the controls are just woeful, and I don't feel like spending £20 on a controller for a game I bought for £5 in a sale.
  3. I was a bit pissed at first, but I was reading Oculus's own blog post about it, and at the end they went on about how this was a big step in making VR an affordable thing for everyone. Facebook said they don't intend to interfere with how it works on a gaming standpoint, and if they stick to their word and this buyout makes VR an affordable thing in the foreseeable future, I think this will be brilliant. I have faith in Carmack. The reaction has definitely been a bit OTT, especially notch being a massive child and just cancelling Mincecraft for the Rift. This probably wont ruin it, if anyt
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