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  1. Would need to know your PC setup but I would take a guess that you are using a AMD card. I have issues using dgVoodoo with this game as DX11 is broken with AMD cards so I'm forced to use the DX12 renderer. It seems that something has changed as now I use to be able to play this game and now it just refuses to run with the DX12 option, which I have the same issues with other games now too. Either AMD made some changes again or something else, but either way I can no longer run this game with this. So if I want to play I have to remove dgVoodoo and run the game with Disable fullscreen o
  2. Version


    This will update your game to the latest patch and allow you to bypass the game release check as well as including all the fixes released.
  3. Version 76654


    This is the official James Bond Blood Stone update from version 75907 (Retail release) to 76654. If you have a modified .exe this will not install, make sure you have the original .exe from your disc. This mostly just fixes multiplayer bugs and some other minor issues.
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