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The Void - motion sickness mod

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About This File

Mod to increase FOV and remove (or reduce) head bobbing in Ice-Pick Lodge's The Void. I've confirmed that the mod also works with the GOG version.



Apparently, FOV and camera animation are hardcoded into the player's script. Here is my fix—I only hope it works for you. Also, I will be much relieved if it does not break anything in the end (I took the latest version but still..)


I compiled a wide and a very wide camera setting with different levels of headbobbing (original / 4x weaker / off)




I think it is self-explanatory: player.bin, whichever you choose, should go into /The Void/data/Scripts/. If the problem is a big issue for you I suggest going with extra wide camera and no headbobbing. It does not feel as atmospheric, though, and the distortion at the edge of the screen becomes a tad bit noticeable to my taste.


1. Choose your selected setting from the following:

  • wide
  • wide, noHbobbing
  • wide, weakHbobbing
  • xTRAwide
  • xTRAwide, noHbobbing
  • xTRAwide, weakHbobbing


2. Extract "player.bin" to "\data\Scripts" in the game folder.



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