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Codename Eagle - 1.41 "Cumulative" Patch

About This File

WARNING! This patch breaks singleplayer mode!


This patch focuses mostly on adding features to a multiplayer mode.


New Features

  • 30 players in multiplayer!
  • Battle chopper
  • Two people on the motorbike!
  • New CTF map "Fortress
  • Teamchange command
  • Suicide command


  • The zeppelin is faster but has a slower turning-speed.
  • Planes have twice as much armor and their bullets do twice the damage.
  • The AA-gun does more than twice the damage. Watch out!
  • The fighter is a little bit faster. The bomber is a little bit slower.
  • Hand grenades do real damage and has a larger damage radius.
  • Gas is more lethal.


  • Miscellaneous optimization tuning.
  • Planes can now fire and drop bombs simultaneously.
  • The zeppelin no longer looses its collission.
  • The tank ammo-gathering bug is no more.
  • Further fixes to prevent name-cheating.
  • Planes now have the correct team skins.

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