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Blazing Angels 2 patch

About This File

Known Issues:

When assigning joystick buttons to actions, sometimes the Slider is assigned instead of the desired button. In order to avoid this, please keep the Slider in a neutral position (in the middle) when assigning those buttons.

What's New in Version 1.01


  • Various text in the game and in the Readme.txt file was edited and fixed. Incorrect descriptions were fixed.
  • Fixed: Graphical corruption in the bombing interface during mission "Grand Theft".
  • Fixed: Graphical corruption when destroying ships with bombs.
  • Fixed: During a multiplayer session, a player could only enter Spectate Mode once.
  • Fixed: Players who joined a session in progress in the Assault mode had a desynchronized timer and objective bar.
  • Fixed: Various issues with the phase switch in the Assault and Kamikaze modes.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, launching a mission would cause the previous cut-scene to be played again, or the game to crash, if the cut-scene was skipped.
  • Fixed: In some resolutions, the bombing interface was displayed improperly.
  • Fixed: In the Coop Campaign mode, the number of respawn tickets was not updated when restarting from the beginning.
  • Fixed: For players using the Xbox 360 controller, the controller would stop working if the player unplugged the network cable.
  • Fixed: The hangar menu sometimes behaved improperly for planes that cannot have tail markings.
  • User could not assign actions to a button by clicking the left mouse button to change the button that was previously assigned.
  • The control changes were not saved for Keyboard/Mouse.
  • Some types of gamepads or joysticks were not detected properly when combined with some types of USB keyboards (especially Saitek gamepads with Logitech USB keyboards).
  • The game had no sound if a Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback 2 was plugged in.
  • The landing gear did not work in Simulator mode.
  • [Campaign][Paris] The third objective “Protect Marguerite while she drives towards a safe zone” does not end under certain circumstances, so the mission cannot be completed.
  • [Menu][Loading Screen]Incorrect command controls key description.
  • [Windows Vista] The game will automatically restart after a crash. When this issue occurs, the game will re-start and remain stuck in the Xbox 360 initial loading screen.
  • [Readme] The user should be informed that while defining controllers that have a slider/throttle; The slider/throttle should be positioned in the middle position for Idle Stance.
  • [Controls] User cannot assign any buttons/commands to a command by clicking the left mouse button to change the key that was previously assigned.
  • [Controls] When using some USB keyboards (ex. Logitech Deluxe 250 Keyboard) certain controllers cannot be mapped.
  • [Controls] The game has no sound if a Microsoft Side Winder Force Feedback 2 is plugged in.
  • [Controls][Saitek X52] The Saitek X52 controller cannot be mapped at all if the user has a Logitech keyboard plugged in through the USB port.
  • [Online] If the server quits the session, from LAN, he will be sent in the Join/ Create game menu (online menu), even if the user doesn’t have a internet connection.
  • [Multiplayer][Windows Vista]Windows Vista Clients are desynchronized when joining a multiplayer server created on a Windows XP platform. If the server is created on a Vista platform, all players will be out of sync.

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