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A Plague Tale: Requiem - Startup Logos Skip

About This File

A Plague Tale: Requiem

Zero length MP4 files

Uploaded to replace "Short YouTube Video Link", another editor added, as just deleting the entry without explanation seems wrong, and someone may want it anyway.

The zero length MP4 file will also work in any game that uses the format, correctly named, and installed.


Simply extract to your game folder, the archive is packed with internal folder structure.



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Sorry it's A Plague Tale: Requiem is the game, I was going to link here from the game page but their was a file approval delay period.

So put that plan on hold waiting for clearance, then I got distracted by playing the game.

Now I can link to the file, I will edit the game page, which currently Links to a "Short You Tube vid"

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Depreciated to possible GOG Issue

Note, after timing the time to reach "Press Any Key", I saw no point in using this, as I get load times of 50 seconds within a second of each other using a manual stopwatch.

This seems to be a GOG issue, related to Shader Cache Loading.

Steam user (Creator of One of the Nexus Mods variants of this skip) was seeing must faster loading times, and expected Logo skip Time save, where I wasn't.

Crudely Deleting the huge cache in game, my loading times went down to 20 seconds, with mod, 30 seconds without.

It adds more cache files to the documents cache folder going from 25 to 106 in testing, most but not all hash check as matching the game folder ones.

Not done enough play testing to know if deleting Game Cache folder, is an issue.

Steam has same Cache files, so it shouldn't need to be deleted, but I was just testing effect on Loading Times.


Another GOG user has reported 28 seconds loads with unmodded game, so the 50s times, seem to be on my end.

30s loads still seems longer than Steam, but those are anecdotal, subjective reports, in a PM from author of one of the two Skip Logo mods, uploaded to Nexus Mods,


I am running it on NVMe drive, it instantly loads it.

Also sent it to a friend of mine that has it on SSD, he says it loads quickly for him too.

So my guess is you might be loading it from HDD drive then? Because 50 secs is too long TBH.

Instantly on Steam, 28 to 30 seconds on GOG (no drive indication for other GOG user time), suggests a difference.

"Suggests" a different, but related GOG Issue, is enough to keep this as a comment, mostly to get more feedback from users,

If you post times, from starting game to "Press Any Key", and state both Store version, and Drive type used: NVMe, SSD, or HDD is enough.

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