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  1. No, I Don't want any store clients, I detest them, and everything about them, I use GOG as my store of choice, because it's the only store where using the client is optional, and I can get the offline installers I want. I actually consider the Epic client second best, but only because, it's so broken the only two games I own on Epic, run without the store client. Metro Exodus has Denuvo which (For that Denuvo version) requires the game be launched from the store, every few days. Control just runs, apparently DRM free, though I suspect it's not intentional, but I've not had the fail to run, I get with Metro Exodus. That is the only good thing Epic offers, but it's my most desired feature, and it's most likely to be a bug, which says it all. Steam still to this day forces updates, with complicated manual workarounds required to avoid those updates breaking a modded game, Even Uplay, and Origin let me choose not to take an update, until I want it, which as an active mod user, is exactly what I need. Steam's major flaws Forced Updates: This is always breaking my mods, if I don't use a lot of effort for each game, to avoid it. Broken games: I discovered GOG, because the KOTOR games I bought on Steam, were utterly broken, and there are many others, where without steam user support the games, still being sold would never run. GOG gets old games playable, on a modern PC. If steam hadn't chosen to pay Aspyr for Linux conversions, to promote the Steam OS/Steam Box systems KOTOR2 would never have got fixed, but even so that fix, broke all the existing mods, they only paid to get the Restored Content Mod, which was pretty much essential to fix the broken rushed release. Steam Workshop: This shouldn't even exist, it's a walled garden, where you must own the game on Steam, to use the mods, (Default, I've seen unconfirmed reports that devs can change this, but that doesn't matter, if the default is used by 99.9% of devs). GOG gets this right, by rejecting the idea, and choosing to leave modding independent, except in rare cases where a community patch is essential to get a specific broken game to even run, where it's included with the game. Forced Binary Review Scores: How can I recommend games, to random users, when I have no idea what they like. All scoring systems for reviews, are useless, forced binary ones, are the worst form of useless. Reviews are the words, whether written, or spoken on a vid, not some meaningless number, and aggregating already meaningless numbers makes then worse than useless. Steam is a bloat filled mess of useless algorithms designed to throw marketing at me at me, and buries the basic store pages I actually will use under a huge pile of trash I won't. It's by far the worst store out there. As for the "I want all my games in one place" argument, you already have that. It's called a desktop full of shortcuts. Too Many games for that? I have three 1440p monitors, and it's still not enough. So I use a tool called Fences, which has several ways to use the same desktop area, I use the "Roll-Up" feature, giving me currently 6 Games Fences, with room for many more. As this pic shows, though being an RPG fan, that's now filling up it's bottom row, so I'll need another one soon. Doesn't matter what store client a game requires (none for the GOG games), the shortcut will start the client, then run the game. I don't need "One Client To Rule Them All", and that includes Galaxy 2, but that's the big difference, it's my choice with Galaxy. All I want from a store, is the game, the whole game, and nothing but the game, so help me GOG.
  2. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Alliance I tried to add the GOG save path for this game, Though I could add the Path, under the Steam path, GOG wasn't an allowed category, in that template The save path is the GOG Galaxy path, but it also applies to the offline path, even if you don't use GOG Galaxy, I've never seen this before on GOG, likely to be due to the cloud saves. Path. %LOCALAPPDATA%\GOG.com\Galaxy\Applications\49987265717041704\Storage\Shared\Files\