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  1. OK it's PCGW policy, but it's overkill, and a totally useless policy. You don't protect a damn thing by using the same password, for every archive. Also I've never seen any archive get flagged like that, only exes, etc, uploaded without archiving. That's also what the WSGF issue was about, raw directly executable files, not archived ones. This policy should be changed to simply requiring archives, which fulfils the required false positive avoidance, and as a secondary benefit, reduces the download size, and thus entire hosting requirements for the site. Archives make s
  2. Why even bother with a password? It adds a useless layer of complexity, that some people have experienced issues with, and yet it has absolutely no benefit. If I wanted to reupload your tool on another site (I don't), I'd just repack it anyway. Removing the password requirement is the biggest reason I can see for actually providing another download.
  3. No, I Don't want any store clients, I detest them, and everything about them, I use GOG as my store of choice, because it's the only store where using the client is optional, and I can get the offline installers I want. I actually consider the Epic client second best, but only because, it's so broken the only two games I own on Epic, run without the store client. Metro Exodus has Denuvo which (For that Denuvo version) requires the game be launched from the store, every few days. Control just runs, apparently DRM free, though I suspect it's not intentional, but I've not had the fail to run
  4. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Alliance I tried to add the GOG save path for this game, Though I could add the Path, under the Steam path, GOG wasn't an allowed category, in that template The save path is the GOG Galaxy path, but it also applies to the offline path, even if you don't use GOG Galaxy, I've never seen this before on GOG, likely to be due to the cloud saves. Path. %LOCALAPPDATA%\GOG.com\Galaxy\Applications\49987265717041704\Storage\Shared\Files\
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