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TOCA Race Driver 2 - Patch

About This File

Latest retail patch for TOCA Race Driver 2.


This file was originally downloaded from The Patches Scrolls.

What's New in Version 1.2



PATCH 1.1:

* Mirrors. Enable in the front-end at Options->Graphics->Mirrors. Note that enabling mirrors will cause a reduction in game performance. Choices are
Off: Default.
In-car only: Modelled mirrors seen when using the in-car camera.
Virtual only: Part of the on-screen display.
On: Both in-car and virtual.

* Look left/right in bonnet, bumper and in-car cameras. Define the keys for this in the Control Assignments screen.

* Steering linearity adjustment. Add the line
to the file Mods.ini in the GameData\frontend directory, where x is in the range 0-100. 100 is fully linear, which is the game's default setting. This will only have an effect if the Steering Mode is set to Wheel in the driving options screen.

* End of race timeout for online sessions can now be adjusted in the advanced session settings screen.

* Replay saving. Any time a replay is available to view at the end of a race, it is now possible to select Save Replay on the Race Results screen. There is a Load Replay option on the Select Mode screen.

* Simulator Mode now has more tracks available in many championships.

* Race results and championship standings screens now have a Retire From Championship option.

* The final championship standings screen in Free Race now has a Retry option to restart the championship just played.

* In the Series Option screen, it is now possible to set Opposition directly to None, instead of having to do it via the custom opposition select screen.

* The Handling Mode setting in the Driving Options screen is now saved to the player profile

* Duez Cup and Hotrod Streetrace championships now have a 10/6/4/3/2/1 point structure for network races.

* Informative text in network Chat Lobby is now coloured to be distinguished from standard chat messages.

* Network name labels now darken to indicate that a player is paused.


PATCH 1.2:

* Fixed network car select where it was sometimes not possible to change cars more than once when using car setups.

* Fixed network race timeouts where the server would not the recognise players retiring during this period, so the timeout would continue un-necessarily.

PATCH 1.1:

* Severity of some crests reduced at Bathurst in the section between the Cutting and Skyline.

* V8 Supercars now have correct rev limit (7500rpm) in Pro-simulation mode.

* V8 Supercar HRT drivers now have corrected driver abilities in Free Time modes.

* All DTM cars now have the same gear ratio in Simulation mode, so that the Audi no longer has a much faster top speed.

* Rated Session search criteria on Browse Sessions screen now works.

* AI Driver Difficulty slider now works correctly when launching sessions from GameSpy Arcade.

* GameSpy Arcade joins to sessions within the same NAT now work correctly.

* Improved network prediction, greatly reduces problem with cars going sideways at ovals.

* During network races, it was possible to gain an advantage by pausing when going too fast in a corner, so that the AI would take over and keep the car on track. This behaviour has been removed.

* Fixed a hole in the track at Oran Park that the Pro-Simulation AI would occasionally find and fall through.

* Fixed a crash caused by enabling the Boost cheat with systems using nForce motherboards.

* Co-driver speech now works when restarting rally time-trials.

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