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Fate/Hollow Ataraxia English Patch

About This File

An unofficial English language patch for Fate/Hollow Ataraxia made by the Beast's Lair forum community. More information about the patch, including a complete list of credits and a record of its development, can be found on this archived copy of the project's page on TLWiki (which has since gone offline). Feedback and error reports should be made in the active project thread over on Beast's Lair. The following installation instructions have been copied from TLWiki. I claim no credit for the contents of this file, only for rehosting it on PCGW.

Installation instructions

1). Get the game (buy it from a legit source; as a start, try the links below)

2). Install* the game

3). Download the patch

4). Click-and-drag the patch into the install directory.

5). Enjoy.

This patch was designed to work for ALL locales, provided the game installation directory does NOT contain '/' (forward-slash). When installing the game simply remove the '/' to achieve this. Example installation directories:

  • Fate/hollow ataraxia (This is a BAD installation directory)
  • Fate hollow ataraxia (This is a GOOD installation directory)

Since the patch was coded with unicode, it will work without the need of the Applocale software. So meaning, follow the above steps in a literal way and there shouldn't be any issues.

Saying the above, if any issues do arise please refer to the project page on Beast's Lair for a comprehensive FAQ and an in-depth troubleshooting process.


Where to buy the game

Amazon US (int'l shipping available)

Amazon Japan

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