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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard - Patch 1.1

About This File

Patch for Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard. Original patch notes:


Klingon Honor Guard V1.1 Release Notes

Please report any errors or problem with the patch by e-mailing a description of the problem
to klingons@microprose.com. Also please be sure to attatch your khg.log file to your e-mail.

NOTE : Any save games and configuration options will have to be restored once the patch has 
been installed. Save games will have to be run from the save folder as they will no longer 
appear in the save game list. 


DirectX 6.0 and Direct3D drivers are now needed to use KHG in D3D mode. You can find them at :



  Shaved a couple megs off the memory usage 
  Further improved the loading time 
  If KHG is already running in the background, clicking on a web browser link now redirects the existing 
    copy of KHG rather than launching a new one.
  Bug Fixes : Server memory leak when switching levels, sporadic dynamic lighting crash, sporadic file 
    loading crash on low-memory machines. 
  Windows NT: Switching in and out of 3dfx mode multiple times now works.
  Fixed volumetric lighting rainbow effects on 3DNow! 

Hardware support 

  Improved Glide support: Voodoo2 Dual-TMU, more stable Voodoo Rush & Banshee support. 
  Updated OpenGL support. 
  New Direct3D support (alpha-test). 
  Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live support 
  More AMD K6-2 / 3DNow! optimizations 
  Intellimouse support on Win95 
  Cyrix processors: Fixed KHG crashing at startup giving an "InitEngine" error message. 
  Aureal 3D audio: Fixed sound effects repeating and skipping. 


  More detailed "STAT NET" display 
  Loss-free packet sequencing and retransmission (fixes disappearing weapon problems) 
  Bitstream packet compression 
  Optimized file downloading 
  Now handles packet loss much more gracefully 
  Fixed potential forced replication and forced RPC cheat 
  Added "NETSPEED ####" command 
  Added "Bandwidth Saturated" detection during gameplay 
  Clamp server MaxTicksPerSecond to reasonable 15-60 range 
  Fixed servers not being recognized when more than one network adapter installed (especially a problem 
    with network cards and dial-up adapters conflicting). 
  Network play: You can now download multiple package files (.unr, .utx, .uax, etc) when entering a server. 
    Previously, only the .unr file could be downloaded, then the connect attempt aborted. 
  Fixed ESC in intro level crashing games in the software renderer on some machines. 
  Eliminated chance of server crashing when player limit is exceeded. 

Internet Play 

  When the server switches levels, all players were thrown into the holding cell, but don't properly rejoin 
    the next level. Fixed. 

  Entering a server as a spectator then typing "suicide" on the console caused the spectator to be visible 
     to players as a little tiny chess pawn. Eliminated. 
  "RMODE" command is no longer allowed during network play (potential unfair advantage). 

  Fixed object updates becoming erratic after 30+ minutes in the same level. 

Internet Server 

  Fixed potential crash when players are downloading files. 
  New server querying interface. 
  Server now runs quietly in the background by default (a tray icon) 
  Network statistics display & log to help us track down performance problems that people report 
  Klingons.ini ServerActors can now have parameters sent to them, i.e. for launching multiple master server 
    uplinks pointing to different IP addresses. 
  Far lower memory usage (over 2X less memory in typical levels) 
  Dedicated server: The "IpDrv" package is now server-side only, so it is not version-checked against clients. 


  Fixed crash calling static functions. 
  Added function InternetLink.IpAddrToString 
  Implemented ELinkMode MODE_Binary in UdpLink, for mod authors who need to implement binary UDP protocols. 
  Fixed script recompile possibly crashing on Scout.uc 
  Fixed texture not being applied when adding/subtracting brush 
  Fixed "rebuild lighting" creating weird colored shadow maps on maps with movers 
  Fixed "rebuild geometry" potential for crashing 
  Fixed broken .t3d map importer 
  Fixed broken music and sound exporting 
  C style 'continue' keyword 
  Java style "new" function for creating new objects 
  Improved TcpLink, UdpLink support for Internet mods 


  Faster loading time 
  Significantly lower memory usage 
  Misc UnrealEd improvements from Mark Poesch @ Legend Entertainment 
  Improved "undo" support 
  Fixed "Full rebuild" giving bogus error message in UnrealScript #always directive. 


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