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Universal UE4 dev-console launcher

About This File

Note: this requires the Universal UE4 Console Unlocker to be downloaded separately, this can be found on the FRAMED screenshot community site here: https://framedsc.github.io/GeneralGuides/universal_ue4_consoleunlocker.htm#downloading-the-unlocker

This EXE can launch a UE4 game and automatically unlock the UE4 console, via Otis_Inf & Sunbeams excellent "Universal UE4 Console Unlocker"!

There's no need to alt-tab out of the game to inject it manually, now you have an EXE that'll take care of everything for you automatically!

The Universal UE4 Console Unlocker files aren't included with this ZIP, you can find them at the link above.


  1. Download & extract the Universal UE4 Console Unlocker files linked above to your games Win64 folder if you haven't already (next to the main EXE, xxxx-Shipping-Win64.exe)
  2. Either edit the IGCSInjector.ini with the games information, or remove it entirely (the launcher can hopefully detect these settings for you)
  3. Download & extract the launcher files from this page to the same folder.
  4. (at this point, you should have at least 2 extra files next to the game EXE: UE4ConsoleLaunch.exe & UniversalUE4UnlockerDumper.dll)
  5. Run the UE4ConsoleLaunch.exe application, which should launch the game and after a small delay inject the console unlocker into it.
  6. Once at the games menus, press Tilde (left of the 1 key) to open up the console (one press will open a mini-console, two will open the full console)

After that's setup you can make a shortcut to the UE4ConsoleLaunch.exe, or add it to Steam as a non-Steam game, this way the game will always have the developer console available whenever you run it!

UE4 includes a ton of different commands & variables by default, a partial list is at https://digilander.libero.it/ZioYuri78/, for example to enable FlyCam just enter ToggleDebugCamera into the console. Most games also include custom commands not listed here - it's up to you to figure those out!

The launcher has mostly only been tested & confirmed working with Code Vein, but it should hopefully support any other UE4 game that the unlocker DLL supports (pretty much anything from 2016+).
Hopefully it should be able to detect & launch the EXE without any configuration needed, but if that fails you can edit the IGCSInjector.ini file included with the Universal UE4 Console Unlocker.

If the launcher EXE fails to run, you might need to install .NET 4.7.2, this can be downloaded from here: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/thank-you/net472

Launcher is based on "Universal UE4 Console Unlocker", big thanks to the developers Otis_Inf & Sunbeam! More info about it can be found here: https://framedsc.github.io/GeneralGuides/universal_ue4_consoleunlocker.htm

The launcher can be freely distributed as you like, as long as you leave a link back to this page (for any updates etc). The unlocker DLL is covered under different terms however, and sadly can't be included.

What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


- Improved detection of whether game is ready to inject - should reduce chance of any injection problems.
- Added built-in DLL injector with Unicode/non-Latin path support - no more relying on external injectors!

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downloaded it extracted it to the correct folder ran it, the game started. alt tabbed there is a window for the console launch thing but it just says 

"Trying to inject DLL... (may tale a sec as we have to wait for the game to be ready first)

and stops there.  nothing injects its just kinda frozen but i can go back to the game menu yet get no console from the tilde. its been like this a while  i dont think its actually doing anything at this point just kinda frustrating me.


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