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    This EXE can launch a UE4 game and inject the "Universal UE4 Console Unlocker" into it automatically. Now there's no need to alt-tab out of the game and inject it manually, just run the game using the launcher EXE and it'll handle it all for you! The files should be good to go for most UE4 games - just extract them to the games Win64 folder and run the UE4ConsoleLaunch.exe. (if wanted you could also make a shortcut to that EXE or add it to Steam as a non-Steam game, this way the game will always have console enabled whenever you run it!) Once in-game you should be able to just hit Tilde (left of the 1 key) to open the developer console, pressing it once will open a mini-console, twice will open the full thing. UE4 includes a ton of different commands & variables by default, a partial list is at https://digilander.libero.it/ZioYuri78/, for example to enable FlyCam just enter ToggleDebugCamera into the console. It's mostly only been tested & confirmed working with Code Vein, but it should hopefully support any other UE4 game that the unlocker DLL supports (pretty much anything from 2016+). The launcher will try detecting the game EXE to launch etc all by itself, but if that fails you can rename & edit the IGCSInjector.ini.example file. Launcher is based on "Universal UE4 Console Unlocker" v1013, big thanks to the developers Otis_Inf & Sunbeam! More info about it can be found here: https://framedsc.github.io/GeneralGuides/universal_ue4_consoleunlocker.htm
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    Creative ALchemy

    There's an even newer version 1.45.20 available now too (newer than the one above from SirYodaJedi): https://fichiers.touslesdrivers.com/61925/Creative_ALchemy_1.45.20.zip Oddly enough I can't find this on the Creative website, but it seems to be legit, all files have a Creative digital signature etc. Seems it was released around May/July 2019. Apparent changes (from this page: https://www.touslesdrivers.com/index.php?v_page=23&v_code=61925&v_langue=en)