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  1. Version 1.04


    This is All-in-One unofficial patch for The Suffering: Prison Is Hell and The Suffering: Ties That Bind, which provides all improvements and bugfixes for the games in one convenient package. Included patches/fixes: Common: Fixed the bug with game interpreting available hard disk space value incorrectly, preventing users from saving the game and the config file from being updated if they have more than 2 TB of free space on their hard drive. Widescreen support; all supported resolutions are selectable, FOV is adjusted according to the screen's aspect ratio, HUD and in-game FMVs are adjusted as well so they don't stretch with wide aspect ratios. Resolutions available in fullscreen mode are also available in windowed mode. Game's own threads are bound to run on the CPU's first core, this reduces the probability of 'black texture bug' occurrence. Game will now use the audio device selected in Riot Engine Configuration dialog instead of always using default device. Hardware accelerated DirectSound buffers are no longer explicitly requested and the default limit of sound buffers has been increased to prevent sound dropouts on typical modern PC. EAX option has been disabled in Riot Engine Configuration in Sound tab (EAX effects are not implemented). Added frame rate limiter which defaults to limiting the game to run at 59 FPS to workaround bugs that occur at higher frame-rates and provides better mouse response when monitor runs at 60 Hz and VSync is enabled. Game will set monitor's refresh rate to 60 Hz when in fullscreen mode. Ability to tweak mouse sensitivity value if using in-game sensitivity slider doesn't achieve desired effect. Removed bad DirectX check, game will launch without error or DirectPlay pop-up dialog on Windows 8+ if DirectPlay isn't present (which is the default). Made game's message loop more conventional (PeekMessage called without message filtering) to workaround the bug in Windows' Desktop Window Manager, which causes oddities in windowed mode; window being declared unresponsive and replaced with a ghost window after 5 seconds when it loses focus. It even happens that the DWM tries to replace the game window with a ghost window during normal gameplay. Use GetMessage in the message loop for the Riot Engine Configuration dialog rather than PeekMessage, this normalizes CPU usage of said dialog. Embedded manifest in executables: -Marked as compatible with all existing Windows versions. -Marked as high-DPI aware. -Marked as UAC (User Account Control) aware. -Requests version 6.00 of Common Controls Library to enable visual styles in Riot Engine Configuration dialog. Registry settings are written to HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. User files are redirected to Documents folder, in "My Games\The Suffering [TTB]". Removed all calls to RegFlushKey (not needed). Removed the call to OutputDebugString that was needlessly made every frame. Reordered icons in the .exe's resource so the Torque icon is the main one instead of the Riot Engine logo. Prison Is Hell specific: Selecting anything but the first entry in the Display Driver drop-down list in Riot Engine Configuration dialog will no longer result in the empty Display Mode list, so the game can now be made to run on any monitor, not just the primary one. Fixed the bug with gamma setting not being applied at game startup. Textures now appear clearer when looked at from the distance. Don't grab keyboard exclusively when in fullscreen; Win key works and Alt-Tab behaves normally on modern Windows versions. Added window caption. Disabled screenshot feature (F10 key) since it crashes. Ties That Bind specific: Registry settings are stored in a separate value called SettingsDX106 rather than SettingsDX105, which is used by the first game since the binary structures between the games aren't 100% compatible between each other. Fixed the bug with some sounds being delayed when 3D sound buffers are enabled. Added file (Common\System\System.odu) that turns off censorship of Creeper's famous part of dialog (for English version only). Installation To install, simply extract contents of each game's folder into your own, overwriting original files. Important: When applying the patch to The Suffering: Ties That Bind, copy the Common folder only if you have the English version of the game. Known issues Common: On wide resolutions, aspect ratio correction causes right side of the screen that should be blank to appear garbled when viewing Archives pages. Prison Is Hell specific: Field of view calculation causes inventory icons to be rendered at wrong place and often appears invisible.
  2. Version 1.1


    This is unofficial patch for retail, pre-Steam, aka. WON version of Half-Life, which main feature is allowing user to set any resolution supported by the system when running in OpenGL or Direct3D mode. Field of view is also adjusted correctly for wide displays. The patch also fixes the error about the game requiring at least 16 MB of physical memory that occurs on some systems. As a bonus, the fix for incorrect MP3 files being played in expansion packs is included when using the undocumented MP3 playback feature in Half-Life v1.1.1.0. UPDATE 11/9/2018 (v1.1): Fixed an issue with MP3 support being disabled and .asi plugins not being loaded if computer doesn't have an optical drive. Don't ignore request for start of MP3 playback if the last track number that is/was playing is the same. The patch includes patched files for the following games/patch versions: Half-Life v1.0.1.6 Half-Life v1.1.1.0 Blue-Shift v1.0.0.1 Installation Select the game/patch version that you have currently installed by navigating to the appropriate folder in this archive, then extract the contents of the folder to your game's installation directory. You may have to disable DPI scaling in Half-Life shortcut's properties in the Compatibility tab to prevent issues like game window going outside of the monitor if your display scaling is set above 100%. Useful command line arguments Here are some interesting command line arguments that I found while digging through Half-Life's executable. These can be added to Half-Life shortcut's properties in the Target field after hl.exe, see https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Command_line_arguments -noextracds - Prevent redundant switches to resolution 800x600 under certain circumstances before finally setting user selected resolution (highly recommended). -lw - Forces the engine to start with horizontal menu resolution set to . Example: -lw 1920 -lh - Forces the engine to start with vertical menu resolution set to . Example: -lh 1080 -notopmost - Doesn't mark the game's windows as topmost in fullscreen mode. The game defaults to running in 16-bit color mode. One of these can be passed to improve picture quality: -32bpp - instructs the game to run in 32-bit color mode (highly recommended unless your PC is ancient). -24bpp - instructs the game to run in 24-bit color mode. MP3 playback feature Ability to play MP3 files as a substitute for playing soundtrack from CD first appeared with patch It's an undocumented feature that only became official with Steam version of Half-Life. Refer to the following list to see how to name MP3 files after ripping them from Half-Life CD: Half-Life01.mp3 Prospero01.mp3 Half-Life12.mp3 Half-Life07.mp3 Half-Life10.mp3 Suspense01.mp3 Suspense03.mp3 Half-Life09.mp3 Half-Life02.mp3 Half-Life13.mp3 Half-Life04.mp3 Half-Life15.mp3 Half-Life14.mp3 Half-Life16.mp3 Suspense02.mp3 Half-Life03.mp3 Half-Life08.mp3 Prospero02.mp3 Half-Life05.mp3 Prospero04.mp3 Half-Life11.mp3 Half-Life06.mp3 Prospero03.mp3 Half-Life17.mp3 Prospero05.mp3 Suspense05.mp3 Suspense07.mp3 Important: The MP3 decoder used in the old version of Half-Life doesn't understand ID3v2 tags commonly added by CD ripping software and such MP3s won't be played. Make sure your ripping software offers ability to use ID3v1 tags instead. They may also be omitted entirely. Half-Life \Half-Life\valve\media Half-Life: Opposing Force \Half-Life\gearbox\media Half-Life: Blue Shift \Half-Life\bshift_unlocked\media (use Blue Shift: Unlocked v1.1 to convert your BS installation to HL mod) Known issues FOV patch for Half-Life v1.0.1.6 and Blue-Shift causes the left and right sides of the screen to not black out when the game triggers that effect.
  3. Version


    About This patch is intended to solve certain issues that occur on modern systems, related to game's usage of ancient DirectX APIs. It also enables the game to run via dgVoodoo DirectX wrapper. The main goal of this patch was to get the game running properly on all machines I have at home, which have graphics cards of all popular vendors (NVIDIA, AMD and Intel) and running Windows 10. The following changes have been implemented: Pass DDCREATE_EMULATIONONLY for DirectDraw objects used for intro cinematics, prevents the Fatal error message on startup or black screen during cinematics, depending on graphics drivers. Call SetAppCompatData(12, 0) in ddraw.dll to disable maximized windowed mode on Windows 8 and above, allows the game to run in real fullscreen mode on those systems and restores ability to change gamma with F2 and F3 keys. Delay execution of DllMain logic of rendering libraries to the point when the LoadLibrary call returns (startup hang prevention and dgVoodoo compatibility). Included registry fix which disables Windows' interfering with the game, launcher. This interference can make the game crash or not start when ran through launcher under certain circumstances. Installation Files in this archive were tested with retail version of the game, they may work with other versions, just make sure neither sft8lib.dll, D3D6Lib.dll or D3D7Lib.dll are present in the root game folder, the patch bundles updated ones in data\Stealth\Render and having the old ones in the root folder overriding the new ones is a recipe for disaster. It's also recommended to setup the game to use dgVoodoo 2 wrapper for the best experience, though it's not mandatory. Extract the contents of Soulbringer folder into your own, overwriting original files. Apply Disable_Soulbringer_Compat_Fixes.reg registry fix which takes care of launcher issues. This may not take effect until you right-click on Soulbringer.exe, go to compatibility tab and click OK to cause Windows to register new settings. If you're not going to use dgVoodoo with the game, you should set Reduced color mode (8-bit) on all game executables' Compatibility tab (Soulbringer.exe, SoulbringeVC.exe, SoulbringeVCnoeax.exe), it won't actually downgrade the colors, but it allows for rendering modes enumeration to work properly. This is only needed on Windows 8 and above. If you want software mode to not have garbled colors without dgVoodoo, apply Soulbringer_Palette_Fix_x86.reg (32-bit Windows) or Soulbringer_Palette_Fix_x64.reg (64-bit Windows). Note that the software mode doesn't work on Windows 8 and above without dgVoodoo. Launch Soulbringer, click Video, make sure any DX6 option is selected then choose the desired game resolution. The ones with 4:3 aspect ratio are the best given that game can't deal with wider aspect ratios. Other modes can work, but run too fast without forcing VSYNC (60 Hz) or capping frame-rate to 60 FPS. Click Advanced and make sure the EAX option is disabled unless you're sure you have a working setup that supports running DirectSound3D games with EAX effects and EAX Unified is installed. Additional notes There is a strange issue with game on Windows 8 and above, it doesn't pick up on all rendering modes unless Reduced color mode (8-bit) is selected from its Compatibility tab under Properties. When run for the very first time, it works though. It always works properly when run through dgVoodoo. Contrary to what the game ReadMe says, DX6 mode actually seems to run faster than DX7 and doesn't have the problem activating VSYNC to keep the FPS at 60. Running too fast makes the game glitchy. The downside, text is blurry, needs some sort of fix related to texel alignment, ATI specific fix is called Altertnate Pixel Centers, PixelCenter (31 00 00 00) setting in registry, no idea how to set it on application basis on today's drivers, irrevelant solution for NVIDIA and Intel, doesn't work with dgVoodoo neither. Future version of dgVoodoo may have a fix for that. With recent NVIDIA drivers, without using dgVoodoo, game may hang when tabbing out, press CTRL + ALT + DEL, then ESC to get to the desktop.
  4. UCyborg

    Uploaded file not accessible to general public

    It has been approved, so all is well.
  5. UCyborg

    Uploaded file not accessible to general public

    Thank you for response. It occurred to me in the back of my mind that it might be that. It just came as a bit of a surprise because eg. on ModDB, you get a warning that the file must be authorized first. I did notice now that other files have the Approved by written with the rest of the information. And linking to files on external sites only requires one to solve captcha.
  6. Yesterday, I've uploaded a new patch for the classic Max Payne games that solve the major problem related to the fact that those games initialize Direct3D inside DllMain, which can cause lockups and it's the reason why the game doesn't work out of the box on ATI cards, at least without some workarounds. Here's the discussion thread on VOGONS I've made: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=51579 However, this is the first time I've uploaded a patch to PC Gaming Wiki and I've noticed today that the file isn't accessible to the general public, you have to be logged in (http://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/838-max-payne-series-startup-hang-patch/). Another patch I've made, for Drakan: Order of the Flame (Drakan AiO Patch), I made it available on Google Drive long time ago before I got the idea I should spread awareness about its existence by editing this wiki, so I just put a Google Drive and 2 other links on Drakan's page (http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Drakan:_Order_of_the_Flame#Community_Patch). Can I get any help with this issue, please? I've edited Max Payne wiki pages as well but you can't access the file unless you're logged in...
  7. Version 1.01


    Applies to latest versions of: Max Payne, Max Payne 2 This patch is intended to solve issues related to game engine initializing Direct3D inside DllMain, which most notably causes the game to hang during startup with certain combinations of graphics hardware and drivers. Additionally, it is impossible to run the game through dgVoodoo Direct3D 8 to 11 wrapper, because Direct3D 11 runtime refuses to initialize from DllMain to prevent lockups. The patch will solve above mentioned issues and possibly other problems that might be related to Direct3D initialization inside DllMain by delaying actual initialization to the point when execution flow returns from LoadLibrary API, therefore preventing any sort of lockup that would occur otherwise. No compatibility modes should be applied to game executables, as they usually create more problems than they solve. Starting the game with affinity set to single core also isn't required anymore and will only serve to slow the game down a little.