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Updating the Sample Article

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Is it possible that someone can update the Sample Article to include the new tables and section styles (ex. Game Data file paths, detailed System Requirements)? It would help making new articles if there was some proper basis to work off on.

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I don't want to do anything without consensus from other moderators, but I can probably add the sections to the Sample Article's cheatsheet pretty easily. My only issue would be that they aren't finalized and changes may still be coming (e.g. manually adding section headers rather than the automation Soeb has added to the Network & Localization templates) so I don't want to do anything that will just cause a lot of reverting in the future.


Pridit is working on an updated Sample Article, but last time I asked he was waiting on the new templates to be finalized before he'd finish it up and replace the current Sample article.


I have my own personal template if you'd like to use it, albeit it may not be suitable for other users since I've customized it a lot.

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