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Mistakes were Made


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Last night Andy and Another PHP Dev were trying to get Invision Powerboard to authenticate to the MediaWiki User Database, They called me when the PHP Dev where having issues with the way that PCGamingWiki is setup

We discovered that the bridge they were trying to use, was the wrong type, it was to use PowerBoard’s user database for auth and not mediawiki, So we uninstalled and left it like that.


We got a report the next morning that all auth groups had been wiped from the database, I still do not really know how this happened, but I suspect the Auth Bridge was to blame, All page permissions where gone as well, and I saw no way of fixing it, but a database rollback


That’s where things went south, I got a backup off our Backup Server from the 25th, and exported the current wiki as XML, but I found out that the database backup copy was bad, really bad, like eat your goat and piss on your oatmeal bad, it crashed mysql HARD, After some “science†(Hex Editor, and some luck) and was able to get Mysql to mount the InnoDB store

It segfaulted (crashed) midway into the raw SQL dump, Fuck

After some more “Science†and some really good luck, I got a Full Database dump. And deleted all the old data, or so I thougth…. That was a incomplete dump, I forgot to push the binlogs to current….

So after some more “science†and some 4 hours later, we now have a working database that is 2 days old and with the current content of PCGamingWiki, Sorry TruePCGamer, Hope you had some old backups for the last two days

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