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4 Maps


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Starting to think some of the more simple maps are the better ones.

Anyway, heres my attempts.

Better to play them without being able to kick down doors imo.



Edit: I have better aligned the lighting on Jail Break - new file attached.

Edit2: Did something weird with one of the lights on lvl1 - fixed one now attached.


New addition - Sed lvl2 - Bonus for Gentlemen + Ghost

I recommend hushcracker (Hint - use the lift to make the pro's look the other way)

Sed Test lvl.lvl

Sed Jail Break.lvl

Sed lvl2.lvl

Sed lvl1.lvl

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Thanks, let me know if there's anything weird in any of the levels and i'll try and fix them, then re upload.


More to follow I guess :)

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