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Notable-Future Releases and Expansion Packs


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I was looking at the Future Releases page (I noticed there was no mention of a release date for Civ V:BNW), and noticed the design is made to link to a page for each game's name. One expansion pack is listed, StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm. This is linked to http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/StarCraft_ ... _the_Swarm which is a redirect for http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/StarCraft_II


So, I have some thoughts and questions on this feature.


1. Should major expansion packs be listed here? I would argue that they should be.


2. Should expansions link directly to the original game's page, or should it link to a new redirect page with the expansion's name?


3. Can the release page allow links to pages that are different from the name in cases of expansions?


4. How do you handle multiple release dates? For instance, Brave New World is released on July 9th in NA, and July 12th everywhere else. Since this site is outside of the US, should the July 12th date be used? Should the release date be allowed multiple values to different areas (my preference)?

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1. I think so, yes. If they're notable enough or a stand-alone expansion they should be. Starcraft expansions, WoW expansions, Blood Dragon, Civ5: BNW, etc.


2. I think they should be separate pages because, while many expansions have the same engines and similar problems, including their separate fixes on the page clutters it. This shouldn't be done for DLC because generally those don't have much difference, only for large expansions.


3. I don't quite understand this question?


4. I generally only include the first release date (whether that be the EU date or NA date), however this can potentially cause confusion amongst users. Currently it's not really easily possible to give it two dates.

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For 3, when I looked at the future release page's code, when you list a title, it links to whatever you put there. So if you announce an expansion, like Civilization V: Brave New World, it will link to a page with that name. So if the bugs and fixes are like Gods and Kings, they'll end up in the main article for Civilization V (the same fixes for all versions). So the Future Releases page would link to a different page (Brave New World) than the actual one (Civilization V).


In articles you can link to something other than the text (link|Text). It didn't look like you could do that on the future release page.

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