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Prince of Persia Kindred Blades Mod (The TRUE Prince of Persia 3)

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About This File

Prince of Persia kindred blades was the intended official continuation and conclusion of the prince of persia trilogy, but was scraped and re-arranged into The Two Thrones after receiving backlash for the darker themes and aesthetic of its predecessor  "Warrior Within" this mod aims to get as close to the intended original plans for the game.




-New textures for characters, environments and skyboxes.


-Prince costume inspired by the warrior within one and dark prince form from the first e3 trailers of the game


-More darker aesthetic to be more in close with Warrior Within


-Restores Decapitations and blood into the game


-Fixes lighting, including bloom (witch is broken on the base game)




Optional (Accessible in Extras Folder):


-Files to make the dark prince not lose HP


-Sandy halo around dark prince (as in the E3 Trailer)


-Free look while executing QTE


-Ability to spawn infinite enemies


-Selectable Variable speedkill methods


-Enable / Disable post-processing


-Enable / Disable Speedkill camera




Instructions to install: 


1) Download All 3 Parts


2) Extract them all at the same time (not separately)


3) Move all files to game folder


4) If you want to utilize the Optional stuff, Move the files from the Extra folder to the main folder and replace


5) You're done




Youtube video Showing some of the changes: 







Mod Made By Chessbas50, Special thanks to him


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

User Feedback

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this mod is amazing! thank you so much for this.

a few points of constructive criticism in an attempt to make it perfect:

1. Could you go back to the old springboards and maybe just update the textures? The ones in this mod don't "stick out" so it is sometimes hard to see the springboards or where to go next.

2. Could you make options to pick and choose which skin you want for the prince/dark prince? For example, I LOVE the new dark prince skin, but I prefer the normal prince with his shirtless look.


Otherwise, this mod is PERFECT. It has given me a new and fresh reason to play the game. The widescreen fix, the gore/uncensored restored, the lighting/bloom fix, and most importantly the updated textures!!

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